Zen and The Art Of Perimenopause

I made an appointment a few weeks back to get a big health overhaul. I want to do a little bit of human guinea pig business and see ways that I can support my hormones, my cells, my neurons, my everythings and just make sure I’m doing the right thing for my future health. From a layman’s point of view, they sure don’t make looking after ourselves and preparing for later life easy, do they? We really have to sort this stuff out for ourselves and fortunately there is such fantastic information out there online. Maybe it’s just that no one ever thought it was necessary to plan ahead and that is so crazy. I think in a way we always have to have the same attitude that our parents applied to us as babies and growing up. You know, supposedly eating food for strong bones, having to take naps, staying home from school when we were sick, getting outside to play. It’s almost as if the moment we turned into adults, the future health thinking went straight out the window and all we deal with is what’s right in front of our faces.

But my thought process is “What can i do NOW that’s going to land me in a good place for when I’m in my eighties?”. I’m really thinking about brain health as well as all the hormone business. So rather than just a standard pap smear, I’m going to get the full tamale done so I can get a really good understanding of what’s going on. The only hiccup is that it will be two months before I can get into the doctor I’ve found to go through this with. That’s okay, it gives me time to prepare for her so I can give her a good picture of where I’m at now.

The thing that pushed me to do it was that while I’ve been feeling really good for that last few years of perimenopause,in the past couple months I’m noticing very subtle things like more insomnia than usual which of course turns into total lethargy during the day. Maybe I feel a little more sensitive than normal. These things are just so slight but I’m kind of of the mind that I don’t need alarm bells to go off to investigate. The funny thing is though what probably is going on occurred to me last week when I was laying in bed looking at the ceiling and all of a sudden a lightbulb fired as if to say “Susan, your periods are probably gonna start winding up soon, that’s what’s going on?” I felt a bit of elation in working out that there was probably a correlation between the way I was feeling and whatever hormonal process happens to make periods stop. So that was cool. And then I started to feel sad thinking about not getting periods anymore. I love getting my periods. They’ve been very good to me. 28 days or so without fail. Only the slightest bit of discomfort to just remind me to take it easy and over in a few days. I know this isn’t the case for every woman and many are glad to see them go, but for me. Hmmmm, I love them. So physically, mentally and metaphysically winding up this aspect of my cycle is a milestone occasion for me. So I’m honoring all this with a doctors visit and in the meantime tracking my daily health prongs  – physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health. You can join along with me – I’ve created a free journal that’s yours for the taking. It’s the same one I’m using. All you need to do is sign up for my list, which is just to the right of this message….

So that’s what this week’s podcast is about – my perimenopause experience to this point. I hope you enjoy it.

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