I Hate My Job But Is Starting Over Financially Irresponsible?

I really like to live by the concept of having no regrets. When I look back at all the wrong turns I’ve made, and I’ve made some really good ones,  the pain is eased in that I can say with certainty that the reasons I took them were because I was doing the best I could with what I had at the time. But there is one place in my life right now that I know that with a bit more guidance, I would’ve set myself up a bit better, and that’s in my midlife career transition from working in the media to doing what I love! In my urgency to make huge change, I jumped into it all so fast that I glossed over some essential steps that I’m needing to retrace right now.


So when Tracy, one of the insiders on my newsletter, explained that she wanted to change careers desperately but was concerned about being financially irresponsible, I was so excited because I knew I could at least make some lemonade about some of the lemons I’ve had to squeeze during these early years of my new business.

As mentioned in the episode, I’m a believer in that a lot of the things that we hold dear – our economy, the corporate environment are falling over and that being willing to change our minds about starting over is going to be key in how we thrive during this second half of life. I find the work of James Altucher, an investor who shares his expertise on entrepreneurship with an emphasis on the vast changes that are happening right now very helpful and you can check out his stuff here.

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