Will You Accept The 100 Day Reality Challenge?

If you had the chance to change your life in 100 days, would you do it? In 2008, Lilou Mace´, a web TV host and author “co-created” a challenge that asked participants to spend 100 days solidly focusing on what they want out of life. I say “co-created” with air quotes because that’s classic Lilou speak (along with words like “juicy” and “delicious“). She’s got an infectious and delightful way of sharing her passion.


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So back to the idea of a 100 days. Think about it for a moment. What would happen if we all spent 100 days, dedicated to doing whatever we could to making our goals happen?

The 100 Day Reality Challenge has it’s roots sprouted in the concept of the Law Of Attraction. LOA is the idea that we attract what we think and focus on. As I mention in the podcast, I’ve always been conflicted on all things “Law of Attraction”. Here’s my thing with it all : I was brought up in woo woo Southern California but also trained as a journalist so my mind see-saws through both worlds of being intrigued by new age concepts and thoroughly enjoying poking holes in them.

But what I like about this challenge is that while it lives in the vicinity of New Age Central, it demands that you participate if you want to see results. You have to take action on your goals and the challenge expects you to do things like make a vision board, keep a daily journal in some shape or form, do affirmations, join mastermind groups, get a coach, etc. It suggests doing at least 5 daily practices through the entire 100 days.

Even my inner skeptic believes that something good will come from this kind of effort – even if it’s just a little bit of peace or clarity in your life. And really, a little of that is a pretty major thing.

Here’s a 2013 video of Lilou Mace´ explaining what the 100 Day Reality Challenge is all about:




And here’s an example of what an online 100 Day Reality Challenge journal looks like from lifestyle vlogger, Catherine Staat 




Here are more things that I spoke about in this episode:

100 Day Reality Challenge Main Website – You can join here and share your experience with other like minded “co-creators”.

Lilou Mace’s Website

Lilou Mace’s YouTube Channel

My Gratitude Practice


And shout outs to these special women who inspired me this week:

Elaine P. Mennym: A lovely gal on our Facebook page

Jen Spatz Grant: Jen’s been going through a gray hair adventure for a while now- wahoo!

Susan Wright – Boucher:  Susan specializes in recruitment marketing and client management AND she’s going through the gray hair thing. This is an awesome step towards tearing down some walls when it comes to hair color and career.

As I mentioned, I’m seriously considering doing the 100 Day Reality Challenge if for no other reason than to do a Law of Attraction experiment! But before I go for it, I want to be very clear on what I’d like to focus on and I’m still undecided. When I do things like this, I like to dive in, boots and all. When I’m ready to go for it, I’ll for sure let you know.

In the meantime – What about you? Is this the right time for YOU to accept the 100 Day Reality Challenge? What do you think about it? Post your thoughts below.

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