Want More Out Of Life? Do this!

How rich are you? How wealthy do you feel? When you wake up in the morning to you roll your eyes and say “Sh*t, another day…” or do you smile “Yay, let’s do this!”? For the past 10 days I’ve been experimenting with the concept of abundance in my life. Not only financial and material things but how abundant I am in my thoughts and self-talk,  my actions, my motivations and my interactions.


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I’m doing this bit of introspective work as part of the 100 Day Reality Challenge (read more about it here). For the next 100 days I’ve chosen to focus on the concept of abundance and every day I do at least 5 daily practices specifically for it.

Although I’m only at Day 10, I’ve received some pretty amazing things. Yes there’ve been some material gain which I’m grateful for, but what stands out are the serious reality checks about areas in my life where scarcity reigned supreme. While I’ve always done very deliberate soul searching and testing and measuring through my whole life, I’m finding this immersion method quite powerful (and fun) and I have a hunch that if you can find a way to implement at least five of the 10 tips that I give here, you’ll get more out of life than you bargained for!

In the episode I mention the following things:

I’m writing a book this month (about Gray Hair of course!). If writing a book is one of those things you’ve always wanted to do, check this out. This is my third book and if you’re reading this during the month of November 2014, you can catch my daily word count updates on Twitter.

I’ve been reading Fierce Medicine by Ana Forrest and You Can Create An Exceptional Life by Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson

Before the show, I was listening to some music from the Glide Church’s Change Band and Ensemble. (I’m NO religion but I admire the work and vibe of this church and their music fit my mood of abundance this morning. If you’re ever in San Francisco on a Sunday, you must go to a service. They were a bucket list tick-off for me. The song I play at the end of the show is called A Better Me.

And shout outs of love and gratitude to the following gals for given shout outs to me!

Jenny P

Leigh Burton

Laura Thompson

So, have a listen to the podcast and let me know what tips you’re going to try in your life and what ways you intend to become more abundant. Post your thoughts below.

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    • Lovely Mick – you sweet thing. I’m taking that cyber hug and wrapping it around me tight! Thank you so much for listening and having such finely tuned intuition. Wonderful!


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