I’ve been doing YouTube videos every week since January 2013.  They’re a personal highlight for me because we cover such a wide range of problem zapping topics from How To Create Great Habits, to How To Start Living a Perfect Day Right Now to Loving (yep, I said ‘Loving”) The Skin We’re In. I always aim so that they’re topical and all videos are researched for social impact. And I walk my talk. I take you into my life and share personal stuff like how I handle perimenopause and what it’s like to take the plunge and grow my hair out gray.

Here’s a quick video that gives you an idea of some of the subjects I cover.




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Episode Notes, Links, and Resources – Below are videos from 2014 listed from newest to oldest. (You can find even earlier vids by going to my YouTube channel)

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Want me to guide you through making change at midlife? Download a sample chapter of  my book Be Your Own Change Guru: The Ultimate Women’s Guide For Thriving At Midlife HERE or download a sample chapter of my book How To Find Your Purpose After 40: The Secret To Unlocking Your Unique Gift To The World HERE

4 thoughts on “vlogs

  1. Hi Susan-Sydney ! Thanks for answering me. I`m sitting here, trying to find out the most upcoming thing for me now.
    It`s all about finding out what kind of woman I am. Being a good girl my hole life, turned on a monster inside of protesting -but the protest never came out. I realy didn`t wish to be the good girl, with all the demands of being according to others-please them.
    So you have talked about bringing out the badass and thats what hid me. I so much want to make changes in my style, be provocative, reacting on my feelings rather than on correctness. Loving my fantastic color of grey hair groing out( I do ) Trying to be on my outside what I am on my inside. Well my problem is as this: I have dreams of being a better me, do the weightloss, do my pianist-homework, do this and that!-ending up with the problem of being a good girl (AGAIN ) And I don`t want to be a good girl !Why am I so angry and jealoux with other women ? How can I find out the girl/ woman I am. I feel it`s much something inside I have to work out, instead of the outside hunting for the perfect look, the perfect style, the perfect bag, the perfect perfume-I have spent so much time on that, and somehow its very important for me to have this going on. But it doesn`t make me happy- I feel angry!! So do you have some not-dangerous tips, for letting the ” monster ” come out? I seriously plan to have a tatoo!!! I feel very well with my fitness-doing in the center- moving my body gives me something good. But in my case, i must have changes in my doings all the time, to prevent the ” trapped ” feeling of being ” good again ” I am looking foreward to read/ hear your thinking of this problem of mine.

    • Hey Janne

      Oh you bring up a gazillion awesome topics so thank you first of all for inspiring me. I will have a think and do something, and when I do, I’ll let you know!

      In the meantime, the whole “good girl” thing is really common because so many of our generation had to be “good girls”. Being a “good girl” might’ve given rewards, kept us safe, or kept whole family’s on track – there’s a whole range and of course, this is going to play out in our life as we get older. I think what happens is that when we get to midlife and we see all these things that don’t work, have never worked but we continue to cycle through, we might see it’s because we’re still trying to be a “good girl” and it gets us really pissed off. We see that maybe if we would’ve been truer to ourselves we might’ve had different outcomes, etc. So my first thought is just to look and see how entrenched the ‘good girl” thing is in your life. If it’s really deep and maybe feels beyond what you can untangle, it could be awesome to work with a therapist.

      But if you feel like you can embark on your own, I say start with physical to begin releasing and working with anger. The life coach Cheryl Richardson describes an awesome technique of smashing old lightbulbs with a hammer (and of course protective eyewear) or you can do the ol’ wack a towel against a wall. On a practical level, it might be fun to go to some kick boxing cardio classes or beginning boxing to literally take your stuff out on a bag. But that’s where I would start this time of discovery, by going straight to my body and finding a way to release these feelings in a dynamic way. Besides the physical benefits and besides releasing anger, I think that it’s going to give you clarity and self esteem and help you start connecting with who you really are, the stuff that will help you begin the next chapter of your life.

      I hope that gives you a little idea for a start. Let me know….A fascinating topic and awesome that you’re at a point where you’re ready to explore!



      • Thanks a lot for your answer. Yes!!! I AM after all these years in contact with my anger, and it makes me shout out, be provocative. It`s such a releasenot to have this craving for looking beautiful,sweet, be nice, be good, be helpful etc. I do make some workout as you sergest, and it really feels good coming in contact with my body and the teenager, the anger that was there. My mother gave me that feeling about what a real girl/woman do or not do-. So beeing a correct girl ment actually censure all the masculine aspects: vitality, beeing wild, beeing ugly, having stringth, beeing fat etc etc. So I really had to work very hard to become a good little girl and to censure all the energy I had for so many things.YES-I have smashed royal porcelain, YES I did scream out with sticks in the forrest, Yes, I sometimes play the piano so loud and so noisy, that I think the whole naighbourghood hear it- but it FEELS SO GOOD to be ” I dont care a s…”. I have finally reach a point giving up the struggle to be beautiful. I can say NO to others. And I have come closer to hear that voice from inside, who is always telling the truth about my feelings, and acting on it…but the good girlstuff continues, as you say, it may take time because she had that life.

        • Hey Janne

          Good for you letting it all out. It’s such a process and i guess we have to look at big change kind of like untying a very tight knot. If you think how many years it took for that good girl knot to get so tight, you can appreciate that it might take a while to untangle it. But what an amazing journey and it makes me wonder if journaling or blogging or writing music (you say you play piano) about your whole experience could be something cool to explore?

          Another thing to tell you. I was at the library the other day and I saw the autobiography of Melissa Gilbert – who played Laura Ingalls in the TV series from the books. Of course I had to get it, and one thing she said was that she receives letters from all over the world of women who really got into the show or fell in love with the books when they were young girls and that it helped them deal with very intense issues like abuse, loss, etc. She mentioned that she thinks its because the story was very simple- just about a family that really loved each other and had to deal with the basics in life – shelter, food, survival – and hit a chord when modern life was getting very complicated. I really appreciate that we had this chat about the books because that helped me zero in on the book and get a little confirmation on the power of that series and how it resonated so globally.

          Big hugs from Sydney lovely woman x


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