Tips For Thriving During The Holidays

Now is the perfect time to put together a strategy that will help you THRIVE during the holidays. Regardless of whether you’ll be traveling, have guests coming, or honestly want to avoid the whole season all together (and for some this is a reality) – have no fear! In this podcast I share 6 cool hacks that will elevate your holiday season in surprisingly groovy ways.


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Links to things I spoke about

My YouTube video about how to stop overspending during the holidays

Ashtanga (The type of yoga I do)

Ana Forrest, yoga teacher

My meditation practice

Manly Beach, Australia

Bach Flower Remedies


Buy My Books For Holiday Presents 

Jayne Totty from for asking for holiday themed content

Marlene Nuhann’s blog on adrenals

And of course the classic holiday song: Over The River And Through The Woods


Shout outs to these lovely women:

Secret Serenity 


Annie Ford Jones

Now it’s your turn: What have you road tested that helps you thrive during the holiday season. Post your comments below.

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