The Art Of Thriving During Difficult Times

A friend on my FB feed posted a picture of a frozen wave and that was a reminder that while I sit here in warm Sydney, many of you in the Northern Hemisphere have had it up to here with winter. So when I saw on The Change Guru Facebook page that one of our gals, Rosanne, wanted me to talk about how to emerge from her winter hibernation, I knew I had to fast track this so any of you who are going through the same thing can get some support pronto!


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The awesome thing about this subject is that it can be a metaphor for any challenging time in your life. Let’s face it, when we’re in the trenches, we tend to go into survival mode which means we might crave eating stuff that eventually will make us feel lousy, we hole up and don’t want to move and our brains go into a spin cycle that generally involves the mantra “Mommy make it stop!!”.  This is the time to take a spiritual approach to a sucky situation and that will turn it into a time of value, rather than something that you spend time wishing away.


Resources Mentioned In This Episode

Information on S.A.D.

Acupuncture and seasonal change

Toastmasters International

A couple starter Paleo sites I like : and Elana’s Pantry

A vlog I did a while back on how to embrace seasons that you dread, in this case, winter. Watch it here

Last week’s vlog about the importance of moving your body during change.

The website for my daughter Presley Joy Paget who is a Chicago based artist

My daughter Matilda Stephanie, whose band atOlla is doing their first tour. Their song “The Theme” is the song I play at the end of the podcast and this is their video:



This is the Ayurvedic therapy I mentioned called Shirodhara, where oil is poured on your forehead. I’ve had it done a couple times, once in Ubud, Bali and once in Jaipur, India. Both times were amazing and I fell asleep but yeah, it took a while to get all that oil out of my hair.



And a reminder, one of the tips to emerge from your “cocoon” was to learn something for 30 days straight via a podcast or audio book. Do you need help finding one that will work? Let me make a suggestion. Hop over to my Facebook page and post what you want to study there under the post for this episode and I will pass something that I think could be awesome to you.

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