The Attitude That Will Save Your Life

Think back to when you were a teenager. What did you imagine for yourself when you were at midlife? Could you not even fathom it? Normal! Now, move on forward to you in your 80’s, 90’s and beyond.How do you see yourself? What will you be doing and saying? Where will you be living? If this is also a stage of life you can’t imagine, you’re not alone. And it’s probably for a good reason. Most of us have zilch decent reference points of what it will be like to live this stage of our life and more telling, if we do have a concept, it might not be that positive.

While we can’t predict our future, we can absolutely change our concept of how we’ll envision these years and an awesome way to begin is with our attitudes towards the people who are already there. In this podcast I share my revelations about why I feel this attitude is so crucial. Honestly, to me it is a game changer for how I’ll live my life and I hope it inspires a change of mind for you as well. I almost feel like if you really want to live your best life, this is a must.

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