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Welcome to The Change Guru Podcast 2.0

After a year on BlogTalkRadio (where you can still listen to all my old episodes)  I’m putting on my big girl pants and have moved my podcast onto Libsyn and Soundcloud. It’s still on iTunes as well, but after much to-ing and fro-ing over whether I should continue on and try and keep going off the same feed, the smart lady in me said – NO, TOO HARD BASKET. And so I’m starting a second version .

So let’s just stop here because this is a great lesson.

When things are challenging and you find that things are feeling like you’re swimming upstream on the river of “I should be doing things this way” or “I must do things that way” it’s important to swim over to the bank, take a breath and ask yourself the question.

Is the juice worth the squeeze?

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the fine details of something that we want to do that we lose site of how to get through to the other side. I was originally mindful of all the content I’d created and that it feels good to build on all of that and that I didn’t want to confuse anyone.

But then I looked at the “juicer” and it was like a)my listeners are smart. b)this is the internet, nothing vanishes into thin air, my content will be in it’s old home forever and ever probably and c) worrying and googling and trying out how to figure out how to move the feed was a pain in the bum that was keeping me from doing the main thing that I wanted to do – which was move my podcast to a new server, among other things that I’ll be sharing.

So basically, I’m starting all over with a new version of The Change Guru podcast – I’m gonna refer to it probably as TCG (or TCG 2.0 if I’m feeling super nerdy) and in this week’s episode I share a bit about how my experience, of starting over with my podcast and other things that I’m doing and how my story is really a metaphor for all the things that we want to start over with at midlife. If you’re about to embark on a change or smack in the middle of change, this episode – Episode #1!!!! – will help you feel good about starting all over.

As mentioned, I have a new addition to my podcast and that’s the opportunity to help you with anything that’s on your mind. Need some advice about a midlife issues? Want me to research something you’re confused about? Ask me! All you have to do is leave a message – keep it to about one minute maximum – and if possible, I will include it in an upcoming episode. You have the choice to leave an email address and if you do and your question is used in the podcast, I’ll send you a digital copy of my book Be Your Own Change Guru: The Ultimate Women’s Guide For Thriving At Midlife.

So, with that in mind – got a question? What is on your mind and how can I help you? Record your message now.

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So – back to this week’s podcast – What is your biggest challenge in starting over? Leave a comment below.

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