I’m Sue Paget and this is The Change Guru, a place where I help you thrive after 40. I’ve got heaps of info that will support you on all aspects of midlife change and beyond but because there’s so much, I want to point out some key places to start along with a few bits of my take on things so you’ll know where I’m coming from.


A lot of gals find me from following my Gray Hair Adventure. These are YouTube videos where I’ve been chronicling my experience ditching hair dye and letting my hair grow out to it’s natural color. Along the way I share self help tips and inspirations that have sprung from the experience.  If you’ve discovered me from these videos, let’s just cut to the chase and get you to the goodies. This page has all of my gray hair videos, blogs, podcasts, my upcoming book, every single thing I’ve ever said and done about gray hair all on one page so here you go and when you’re done, be sure to come back here because I’ve got heaps more stuff beyond hair that I want to talk to you about.


“The Change” is a cheeky reference to the time in life when a woman goes through menopause.  While a lot of my content gives advice and solves metaphysical challenges for perimenopause, that’s just one little bit. What I’m really about is helping you:

Make change in every area of life, whether it’s career transition, relationship challenges, empty nest, aging parents, identity, life purpose, self esteem, that kind of stuff.

And what’s with the “Guru” part? Don’t get scared, it’s nothing weird, I promise! Guru means “teacher” in Sanskrit and while it sounds mysterious it’s just a special name for learning from someone. My goal as a change guru is to teach YOU how to be your own change guru.  I want to show you how to believe in yourself and activate your own personal wisdom. Following that guide will make every fork in the road an opportunity to have an adventure. I tell you the whole story of how I started doing this work here.


PHYSICAL HEALTH: I believe everything starts with the body and that a lot of our problems at midlife stem from a disconnect from it. By “disconnect” I mean weight gain, health challenges, body image issues, those kind of things. This disconnect probably didn’t happen overnight, in fact it might’ve been building over years, even decades. The great thing is now we get a wake up call to deal with it and I’m here to help. I believe in daily, gentle, enjoyable movement that doesn’t burn you out and that you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life. My personal daily practices are meditation, yoga and walking and I often share tips and ideas for these  as well as experiments I’m trying to further my health.  A few of my favorite videos and podcasts that I’ve done on the physical theme of health include:

How To Rock A Bikini After 40

Will I Ever Get In Shape At Midlife

Beginning A Meditation Practice At Midlife

My Top Tips For Trying Yoga At Midlife

SPIRITUAL HEALTH: This isn’t about religion. This is about what’s inside of YOU. You’re inner pilot light, your soul, call it whatever you want. I teach people how to slow down, how to appreciate the simple things and to learn to trust their guts and to have faith in the process of life. It means regularly taking time out to appreciate nature, listening to music or being able to cope with stillness and silence. It means helping others and honing in on your intuition. Here are some of my favorite resources on this topic:

What Is Your Morning Ritual?

How To Deal With Loss At Midlife?

Don’t Feel Like Yourself? Here’s What To Do

EMOTIONAL HEALTH: Stress, anger, sadness, etc. We’re a society that prefers to cover up these feelings rather than work out what they’re about and how to move through them. That doesn’t happen here. We deal! I share insight and teachings on how to uncover these emotions and learn and grow from them. Some examples of topics I’ve covered in this area are:

Changing Your Life? Make Some Space For It

Are Your Moods Keeping You Unhealthy?

How To Do Self Help Without Doing Your Head In

How To Take Charge Of Your Midlife Mental Health

MENTAL HEALTH: I believe that we have to keep learning and working our mental capacity and that at midlife we are hungry for knowledge. This might be going back to school or getting involved in a course. It might mean reading constantly or pushing yourself out of your personal comfort zones. My work constantly challenges you to explore new ways of thinking with an emphasis on making learning part of your every day life.

It Time To Do That Thing You Always Wanted To Do?

How Do I Stay Relevant In The Workplace?

A Midlife Career Transition Secret Weapon


I do frequent vlogs on YouTube where I provide guidance, advice and answers for  typical ‘over 40″ challenges. I always post them on this website, along with an accompanying blog post. I also teach occasional live classes and hold chats on Facebook and Periscope. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss any. I also give a heads up when I’ve posted on Facebook and Twitter. You can get a full list of all the vlogs I’ve done by clicking here.  I also take requests for ideas on vlogs from subscribers to my newsletter so be sure to join.


My podcasts are uploaded regularly on iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube and this website. I’ve done well over 100 of them. They are THE PLACE if you want to get an intimate guide to what’s going on in my life, how I deal with stuff, the new things I’m experimenting with. They’re unscripted, often funny and like having a friend right when you need them. Podcasts are probably my biggest recommendation as a supportive resource because they are free, portable and loaded with epic advice and ideas. If you have no idea what a podcast is I’ve created this video tutorial just for you.




My first book is called  ‘Be Your Own Change Guru: The Ultimate Women’s Guide For Thriving At Midlife“and is my personal story. Here’s a free sample chapter.  I’ve also done a podcast/audio excerpt inn the first chapter, so click here to have a listen.

My second book is “How To Find Your Purpose After 40: The Secret To Unlocking Your Unique Gift To The World” . Purpose is kinda my thing. I’ve spent almost my whole life looking for it and finally, I figured out how to find it and more important, what to do with it. Enjoy a free sample chapter and I’ve also done a podcast/audio excerpt that you can listen to here. 

My third book, “Gray Hair Adventure:Things I Learned About Life When I Stopped Dyeing My Hair” is based on my YouTube videos. It’s available on Amazon in print and Kindle formats. It’s also available in audio book over at Bandcamp.


I teach two classes – Finding Purpose In Life After 40 and How To Recharge Your Body Mind and Soul on the online learning platform is like the “Netflix” of learning. For a low monthly subscription you can access any video course on the network without any ads. If you click this link (or the course link) you will get a 20% discount off joining.


The main social networks I’m currently active on are my newsletter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. I also do Twitter, occasionally pop up on Periscope, Pinterest and Google Plus. I’m also on Snapchat as SusanPaget


While I offer plenty of motivation and inspiration online and in my books and courses, sometimes you need one on one attention to solve a challenge, go after a dream or workshop a plan and that’s where I come in. I offer sessions via Skype or FaceTime that will help you navigate change with confidence and excitement. Get more info here.


I am currently collaborating with yoga teacher Claire Saunders from Ashtanga Yoga Shala Provence and leading retreats and workshops in gorgeous Provence, France as well as my home base of Australia. You can check out our last retreat from June 2016 and find out more about our events for 2017 here. 


Before I let you go so, you can take action, I’d love to invite you to subscribe to my newsletter, which is chocker block full of exclusive tips and ideas that you won’t get on the website.


Before I finish, I want to tell you how much I appreciate you. Talking about life and how to make it epic after 40 are things that not everyone is brave enough to do. I’m serious! So many people are afraid of the future and have dreaded this time of life or have been told terrible things about it and figure it’s easier to just believe them. This is where we change all that. I’m honored to be here as your guide through and beyond this big chapter in your life.

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