Robin, Madonna and a Super Moon


This week’s death of Robin Williams, combined with the upcoming birthday of the iconic Madonna plus the natural wonder of a moon close to earth left me quite pensive. Re Robin, I don’t know why as a society we are so afraid to be open about our mental health. I don’t know why as a society we seem to be collectively unwilling to actively look after ourselves and demand better care than just being given a pill.











Re Madonna, it’s her birthday this weekend and I’m a longtime fan.. How could I not include her in the podcast?


And then to start this week off, there was a super moon. I looked for information about the super moon – how it was supposed to make us feel, whether it leaves us feeling more vulnerable, etc but I really couldn’t get an idea of the effect other than I always know when the full and new moon are as this is a way I keep my body cycling – and will continue to do. All I know is that it was a semi-weird week that got me thinking a lot about the importance of recognizing semi-weird weeks and doing what we need to do to move through them.

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