“Thank you Susan. Some important decisions are spinning around at the moment & this helps me not feel so overwhelmed & able to make the decision & move forward!!” – Kay

“Oh my goodness Susan! Im absolutely speechless! If only you knew how much you are helping me!!” Angela

“Susan, Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoy your emails and how grateful I am to have found you! You are really appreciated, I take a lot of inspiration and learning from when you share your personal experiences. Best from Germany” – Michelle

“I am really enjoying your work books, podcasts, vlogs. They are helping to embrace and have a really positive approach to this mid life adventure, as I now see it thanks to you”. Jo

“You’re such a bad bitch for doing all that you do to help out us mid-lifer gals. You’re awesome! I love you! And I thank you!!” – Susie

“OH. MY. GOD. THANK YOU SO MUCH SUE…!I really do not have the words to explain how wonderful it was to hear you speak about what I’ve been struggling with for eons in a very personal and profound way. THIS IS SUCH A HUGE LIGHTBULB MOMENT, I CAN’T EVEN TELL YOU…!”-  Lois

“You are the cheerleader we all need in our lives, the diary “truth talker” that bolsters and centers us when needed” – Charlotte

“Beautiful as always Sue and bang on nail on the head, you get me every time” – Sue

“You successfully guided me on my 1 year hair odyssey to embrace the silver and I am loving it!!! Using the same principles on my 1 year weight loss plan. 20 pounds gone, twenty to go! – Kathy

“Yes Yes!!!!! you have said the truth with how I been feeling I will be 49 in July and started the same time as you and I have to say you nailed it ” – Jackie

“Your energy is positive and your point of view is always interesting and you are very relatable.” – Debra

“You are such a breath of fresh air – Pamela

“Thank you Sue, you help me in so many ways. – Kathleen

“You are always like a breath of fresh, crisp air..appreciate and enjoy yr videos (always practical AND positive)”– Cathye

“You always give the best advice….you are positive and so encouraging! Thank you! Hugs xoxoo” – Rosina

“I appreciate you delving into this and getting women thinking”. – Renée

“My bravo to you for what you are doing keep it up”. – Elizabeth

“thank you thank you thank you for the inspiration”. – Danae

“Thank you Susan – you don’t know how much you are part of my ‘wellness regime’ right now – but you very much are…so thank you again!” – Robyn