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The Change Guru is a podcast on iTunes dedicated to all things over 40. These are candid, unscripted chats, often solo, sometimes with guests, where I share what’s on my mind. Every episode is loaded with tips and inspiration to make your life rock.

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Show Notes, Links and Resources for all Episodes

All the shows are listed below from newest to oldest!

#63 These 5 Things Changed My Life This Year

#62 Worrying

#61 My Gray Hair Adventure: 3 Years Later

#60 A Meditation for Crazy Times

#59 Giving and Receiving: A Realistic Way To Find Balance

#58 Trusting Your Intuition for Tough Decisions

#57 Find Your Happy Place

#56 The Healing Power of Listening

#55 The Art of Being Stuck

#54 What Perimenopause Has Been Like For Me So Far?

#53 Be Your Own Sanctuary: 10 Tips for Extreme Times

#52 Design Your 2017

#51 25 Tips For Surviving Enjoying Family Holiday Get Togethers

#50 The #ABAMF Manifesto

#49 I Love My Body Because I Don’t Do This

Change Your Life:Assignment 10

Change Your Life: Assignment 9

Change Your Life:Assignment 8

Change Your Life:Assignment 7

Change Your Life:Assignment 6

Change Your Life: Assignment 5

Change Your Life: Assignment 4

Change Your Life Assignment 3

Change Your Life: Assignment 2

Change Your Life: Assignment 1

#48 Secret Podcast: Don’t Be Afraid To Change Your Mind

#47 Secret Podcast: My Period Is Late

#46 Secret Podcast: Living For Today

#45 Secret Podcast: I’m On A Break – Here’s What I’ve Learned

#44 Changing Your Life? Make Space For It!

#43 How To Stop Feeling Guilty

#42 How To Kick Distraction’s Annoying Butt

#41 How To Take The Pressure Off Yourself

#40 Making The Most Of Long Distance Relationships

#39 The Attitude That Will Safe Your Life

#38 A Lifetime of Healthy, Enjoyable Sex

#37 How To Deal With An Opinionated Mother

#36 Perimenopause: The Importance of Surrendering

#35 I Hate My Job But Is Changing Careers At Midlife Financially Irresponsible?

#34 Listen To “How To Find Your Purpose After 40

#33 Take A Midlife Reality Check

#32 Listen To The First Chapter of “Be Your Own Change Guru”

#31 My Mother-In-Law Has Alzheimers Part 2

#30 Lost Your Confidence? Here’s How To Find It! 

#29 The Art Of Thriving During Difficult Times

#28 A Chat Around The Campfire With My Husband

#27 Sue Answers Your Midlife Questions

#26 How Do I Start Loving Myself NOW? 

#25 My Top Tips For Trying Yoga At Midlife

#24 How To Handle Insomnia During Perimenopause

#23 How To Recover From A Setback At Midlife

#22 My Mother-In-Law Has Alzheimers

#21 Fierce At Midlife: A Conversation With Ana Forrest

#20 Is Now The Time To Take Care of Unfinished Business?

#19 No Notes, No Plan, Just You And Me

#18 How To Find Friends At Midlife

#17 Tips For Thriving Over The Holidays

#16 Want More Out Of Life? Do This!

#15 Healing Our Inner Haunted Houses

#14 Will You Accept The 100 Day Reality Challenge?

#13 Learning To Hear That Voice In The Back Of Your Mind

#12 Let Me Help You Get Unstuck At Midlife

#11 How To Deal With Cliques And Friendship Challenges At Midlife

#10 A Day In My Life: Sydney, Australia

#9 Beginning A Meditation Practice At Midlife 

#8 Go Ask Alice and Other Breaking Period News!

#7 The Gift Of Resilience

#6 Lessons From A Year Of Growing Gray Hair 

#5 Zen and The Art Of Perimenopause

#4 Robin, Madonna and a Supermoon

#3 If You’re Going Through Hell, Keep On Going

#2 The Myths Of Finding Your Purpose

#1 How To Start Over 


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