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Skype coaching sessions with Susan Paget

Skype coaching sessions with Susan Paget

The women I work with have a burning desire to live life to the last drop. They know, deep down, even when times get tough, that they are the designer of their experience and that they will ALWAYS do what they need to do to live their best life.

They know that this is not a dress rehearsal. Now is the time, once and for all, to create their legacy and do what they were put on earth to do.

Sound like you? Then I’d love to invite you to work with me. I am here to help guide you to that part of you that is a game changer, the you that wants to live life on your terms and is ready to go on this journey.

When we work together, you can be yourself 100% – your dreams and aspirations and yes, any of those fears and self doubts – the internal stuff-  that get in your way. We focus on advanced level thinking where we tap into who you need to be to do the work you need to do in the world. This is what gets you to where you need to be.

I work exclusively with women who are champions at life, who own and respect their past experiences and are willing to take 100% responsibility for what they want to achieve and for the lessons learned getting there.

Yes, you will be challenged. Yes you will be held accountable. And YES, you’re the type that LOVES this because it means that you’re moving forward to living the life you were born to have.

If this is YOU, then I’m honored to share with you the following ways that I do coaching work.


A 60 minute Skype session with me. No messing around here. We will get straight to the heart of what you need right now. Maybe you’re in overwhelm and it’s keeping you so stuck you can’t do a thing and it’s making you crazy. Maybe you need a strategy for dealing with a challenge. Maybe you want a strategy for getting in touch with finding your purpose. Whatever it is, In a short amount of time, you’ll leave our session feeling more certain about what you need to do and have action steps to keep in the flow. After you’ve paid, I’ll email you within 24 hours to arrange a time that works for you.


NEW : YOU & ME BY THE SEA Mini Retreat with me in Manly Beach, Australia – Click here for more info! 




 payment plan is available, just ask

This is a transformational experience with exclusive access to me for 6 weeks. Think what happens when you work with a personal trainer for this amount of time, every single day with something to focus on. Imagine it right now! Who would you be if you spent SIX SOLID WEEKS focusing on what you need to do to step into your next chapter, the real you?


Pre coaching questionnaire to nail down what you need to achieve. From this I create a specific and exclusive transformational program that will structure our time together.

6 weekly hour long Skype coaching sessions with me to set focus for the week, do mindset blasts, goal focus and create action steps to get to your goal.

VIP BONUS Unlimited email access to me on my secret account only for VIPS ($1000 value): You need me? If I’m awake, I’m there for you. Our 6 weeks together is an ongoing conversation where I always have your back. You got this (and I’ve got YOU!)

VIP BONUS: Virtual One Day Intensive ($1000 value) Have a day coming up where you will need me at your side?  Need to work on a project where you need honest feedback and cheerleading? Have to get through a tough day and don’t want to be alone? For eight hours I’m all yours, whatever time zone your in. Via email, iMessenger, Skype, whatever it takes, I’m there right by your side. Even better is this bonus is available to you for THREE MONTHS from the start of our sessions together. That means that you can use it within 120 days – a perfect way to put all of our 6 weeks of work together into action when you really need it.

COMPLIMENTARY DIGITAL COPIES OF ALL MY CURRENT BOOKSActually, you’ll be getting plenty of little surprise goodies, resources, through our time together. I individually hand pick resources that will serve and support you during our time together.

This experience, with over $2000 worth of bonuses is, just as I say intense! It means that you’re gonna have to knuckle down and do work that might push your buttons, probably will challenge your beliefs, get you out of your comfort zone and more than anything make you PROUD to be YOU. Did I mention it’s also fun and inspiring? Yes, seriously, this is going to be six weeks that you’ll look back on and say, I’m so RELIEVED I backed myself and did this.  Like a true VIP, your standards will raise and by the time we finish up, you will feel lighter, healthier, in control of your life.  To start the process, confirm your purchase and I’ll contact you via email within 24 hours with a Pre Coaching Questionnaire and getting started information.