My Top Tips For Trying Yoga At Midlife

When I first started working on the concept of turning my passion into a business, I recorded a CD about five principles to make change at midlife (Hint, it’s a little free gift I drop to friends on my newsletter, so if you’d like it, get on my list here). Anywho, in those early days, I sent it to some women who were going through midlife challenges to get their opinion and one bit of feedback was that they liked it but when I started talking about how much I love yoga, their eyes glazed over.


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I have to admit, this bit of feedback was probably a good thing because it reminded me that just because I love talking about yoga, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone wants to listen. So, believe it or not, I’ve tried to hold back because I didn’t want to turn people off. But as time’s gone on and I’ve been able to meet women in my community who are curious or practice as well, I’ve been able to see when there are openings to throw the “Y” bomb out there.

Like recently.

Kristen, a subscriber in our YouTube community mentioned that she was looking for ways to use yoga to heal from injury, I jumped back (pardon the yoga pun thing, I had to!). What I thought could be helpful with a first extensive chat on yoga was winding it back to how to start a practice in the first place because yoga can really be confusing and as a whole, that confusion can lead to injury if you don’t pick the type that’s right for you or work with a teacher who understands your needs. There are so many types, so many philosophies and even so much hype and wackadoodleness about yoga in general that it’s all kinds of exhausting. I think also that while this episode can be helpful for someone who hasn’t tried yoga before, it’s also about stuff that I’m just pulling together in my head after many years – like essentials for picking out a good teacher or where to take your first class – so there’s some info in there that might offer inspiration if you’re a longtime student.

And one thing I didn’t say in the podcast is elaborating on my mention of looking for teachers who are over 40.  I explain why this is part of my criteria for choosing a teacher in the podcast, but what I want to emphasize is the OVER 40 bit and what a good thing this is to women who are considering a yoga teaching career at midlife. Lady, if you’ve been thinking about getting your yoga certification but are worried that maybe it’s too late to start a business as a yoga teacher, I’m here to say HELLS NO. The more years under the belt, the better in my book and I really believe you have great potential to have an awesome and in demand, “evolving as you evolve” business that will help many, like me, for the rest of our lives.

In the podcast, I mention some of the more popular types of yoga. They’re just some stand outs- there are plenty of other types, many are hybrids of these, some are their own thing. The bottom line is if you’re looking for a class to have an idea of what type of person you are physically. Do you like to sweat and don’t mind pushing your body? Then Ashtanga or classes that use heated rooms like Bikram could be for you. If you like your physical expression to be precise and patient (think ballet), Iyengar might be for you. Or maybe slow and gentle is your idea of heaven. If so, give Hatha Yoga a go. If healing, recovery or just needing TLC is some of what you need, a restorative class could be the beautiful ticket.

Last thought.

While I think it’s really important to have some guidance from a teacher, we’ve entered a time where if you’re motivated and disciplined enough to roll out a mat, there are so many resources to embark on a solid independent practice whether it’s through online classes, downloads, DVD’s (do we still use DVD’s?). I saw this site – –  which offers free online yoga classes and could be a great digital place to dip your yoga toes.

So, my challenge to you is that if you’re at all intrigued by what I talk about in the podcast and you haven’t tried a class yet or it’s been a while, give it a go, and let me know what your experience is. Like I’ve said before (and ahhhh, I’ll try not to say too much so you won’t roll your eyes) yoga has been my passport for jumping through life’s hoops and ultimately feeling good and grateful for the chapters of my life so far.


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