Listen To The First Chapter of Be Your Own Change Guru

I’m currently in production of the audio version of my first book “Be Your Own Change Guru: The Ultimate Women’s Guide For Thriving At Midlife.” I’ve never done it before so first things first – it’s time for me to walk before I run. While some people get narrators for their books, this is something I’ve really wanted to do myself. I think because of all the podcasts I’ve done – nearly 100 by now – plus my weekly vlogs, I have a little grasp of what it takes to work my voice and read to keep things interesting. But of course, there are new skill sets.  Ninety-nine percent of the time in my podcasts I’m going unscripted and off the top of my head, so narrating is a whole other story. So that’s where this week and YOU comes in. I thought practicing on my podcast could be a perfect way to give both of us an idea of what I’m going to do. You’ll see that I intend to combine reading as well as continue the off-the-cuff style of my podcasts so that it will seem as though I’m whispering the book straight into your ear.



If you haven’t read the book and are curious to see the printed version, check out a free sample here. And let me know what you think! Will you be interested in hearing audio versions of my books? I sure hope so, but I’d love your feedback and any ideas of things I can do to make it different or shake up the usual audio format are totally welcome. And of course, thanks, as always for listening.



4 thoughts on “Listen To The First Chapter of Be Your Own Change Guru

  1. Hi Susan!

    This audio-listening thing goes great with me- I enjoy listening and catch up stuff that I didn`t remember from reading your book- just an other reason for reading again again. It would be a very fine thing for me to listen for more chapters.
    The energy that comes from your voice and the many different shades ( nuance) really get into play and makes me think and feel.
    If it`s a help for you, I feel that you could slow down in reading-speed, just a little- because it takes ( at least for me ) some time to catch up the stuff. I just think the subjects that you bring are very important and therefore need space…
    You do really rock it ! Thanks !

      • No way Janne! We’re all each other’s teachers and I absolutely value your input!

        Big hugs from me x


    • Hey Janne!

      Thanks so much for listening and apologies for the delay in response – I’m just home from being on holidays -ahhh.

      Great feedback re the pace and so appreciate you mentioning as I’ll take it on board. Would be terrible to do this way too fast to be enjoyed. I reckon there’s a perfect timing for recording audio books so you’ve given me a little homework to do to get it as right as possible!

      Thanks lovely lady! xx


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