Let Me Help You Get Unstuck At Midlife

Has your mojo hit the wall? Do you feel stuck? If your answer is yes, Congratulations! You are in the middle of making big change in your life. Even though it might feel super far away from anything but a change in direction, reaching a plateau is part of our growth journey and in this week’s podcast, I share with you the concept of building a “Get Unstuck Toolkit” so that you have a place to draw from when you feel like you’re running on empty.


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When you create a “toolkit” you want to ensure you cover a few different bases and have things in there that will not only inspire you and be good for you but also things that are pretty easy to access. Let’s face it, the last thing you feel like doing when you’ve got zero energy is to work hard to retrieve it. Also, don’t worry if your toolbox has nothing really to do with whatever challenge you’re feeling stuck with. This toolkit operates on divergent thinking and actions – doing something different that will help unlock brain processes and in turn will plant seeds of inspiration.

This is what’s in my “Get Unstuck Toolkit”

I Real print books (not ebooks) in the non-fiction autobiographical genre: For my work and education, I read a lot of medical, business and marketing books and while that’s fine, they are not the kind of books that take my mind to another place or that I feel excited about reading when I’m in “stuck” mode. In fact, always having an alternate book to fall into – something that’s fun and doesn’t have a whiff of obligation around it, is a bit of a lifesaver for me. Here are three books I’m reading right now:

Bossypants by Tina Fey

Shockaholic by Carrie Fisher

Where Did I Go Right? by Bernie Brillstein

2. Listen to podcasts: I listen to a range of podcasts from comedians to moms to spiritual teachers but I tend to gravitate towards people like Raghu Markus and David Silver and Duncan Trussell’s spiritual interviews, like his most recent with Jack Kornfeld because these are aimed at seekers and often when I’m stuck, I’m seeking, so this genre is very soothing for me and reminds me of the spiritual nature of feeling stuck.

3. Personal Health: Not moving is NOT an option for me when I’m stuck. Sometimes doing my yoga practice or taking a walk are the last things I feel like doing but they always feel great once I get going and are a way for me to use my body to activate my brain and hormonal chemistry. Some cheats I use if I’m feeling like a mega slacker are to use high octane music for my yoga practice – I’ve practiced to Led Zep, Eminem, Jay Z, you name it – and I just treat it more like dance than yoga (my chakras are none the wiser!). For my walks, I just stay in whatever normal street clothes I’m wearing and put on sneakers. I forget about the gym clothes, etc because that will just add one more thing to do. The main thing is that I just get out and move some energy. Meditation seems to be like one place that is very conducive to stuck times, because you don’t have to do anything but sit there. Really. That’s all you have to do.

4. Take a break from mind altering substances and situations:  I’ve found that taking a break from something, whether it’s coffee, wine, chocolate, television, certain people, etc is very conducive to stuck periods. It acts like a pattern interrupt so rather than doing something out of an emotion, such as boredom or frustration, I can have a look at what that’s all about and deal with it. In one of my most standout stuck periods I actually went off food for a week and did a juice cleanse – plus colonics, plus saunas. I really wanted every thing that might be clouding my perception out of me and you know what? It helped! While our natural instinct might be to go for the crap and numb ourselves, in the end, we know it just end up doing damage. This bit of my toolkit does take a little discipline and experimentation but there are great communities online where you can get support while you take your break suck as Lift and The Experience Project.

5. I surround myself with GREAT people: This is a time where I actively hang with the friends who lift me up and who are doing amazing things. This is the time when I say “no” to any energy drains. My boundary filter goes on high alert mode. If you find you don’t have real time quality, it’s perfectly fine to adopt mentors who you admire from afar such as super hero types like Tony Robbins.

Other resources mentioned in the podcast:

A blog post I wrote about the midlife lessons I learned from my cat

My video about going gray when you’re under 40: Going Gray and Under 40: A Love Letter To Under 40’s

My video about looking at seasons you dread in a different way: Dread Winter? How To Embrace Changing Seasons

The Mindpod Network for spiritual podcasts

The Tim Ferriss Podcast for higher level conversations – a way to always have brilliant minds in your inner circle


Also, a shout out of gratitude to the online friends who have inspired me:

Rebecca Simes – Rebecca is an ayurvedic practioner and fellow ashtangi Here’s an example of what she does.

Jayne Totty –  Jayne is a culinary nutritionist and founder of Supernourished.com and was super sweet to tag me on Instagram when she was reading my book.

Monique (Mick) Koppenhol – Mick’s an awesome friend in our community and one of the first to post on my blog!

Need some advice about a midlife issues? Want me to research something you’re confused about? Ask me! All you have to do is leave a message – keep it to about one minute maximum – and if possible, I will include it in an upcoming episode. You have the choice to leave an email address and if you do and your question is used in the podcast, I’ll send you a digital copy of my book Be Your Own Change Guru: The Ultimate Women’s Guide For Thriving At Midlife.

So, with that in mind – got a question? What is on your mind and how can I help you? Record your message now.

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2 thoughts on “Let Me Help You Get Unstuck At Midlife

  1. Gee Sue,
    I had to put you on pause to go crack open a beer. Thanks for the shout out. A few months ago I didn’t even know what a podcast was.
    Cheers, Mick

    • Hey Mick!

      My pleasure! And yay for podcast introduction – so many awesome ones out there, you’re onto a great thing!

      hugs x


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