Is Now The Time To Take Care Of Unfinished Business?

Most of us have cottoned on to the fact that there’s pretty much no end to “to-do” lists. Yep, we can maybe power through a good chunk, but low and behold, it no sooner fills back up. And let’s face it, if we can’t get to the bottom of a list on actual old timey paper, imagine the psychic loose ends that run around in our heads. You know what I mean, those flashes of “Arghhhh, I forgot to send a card to Aunt Mary” or “I really hate that sweater in my closet but I spent so much on it and should try to wear it some time” or “I really should make that call that I’ve been putting off”.

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These psychic drains are actually total pains in the butt. On appearance they seem like they don’t have an urgency and are just a harmless nuisance. But they really are the opposite and can also say a bit about areas in your life that need your attention – such as “What kind of friend am I?” or “How much value do I place on my obligations?” They pile on top of each other and gang up on our headspace. They make us feel heavy, clogged and unmotivated.

This is where the concept of completion comes in. It’s a way of looking at those drains and paying respect to them by tying them up, symbolically. If you’re interested in approaching the new year or a new chapter in an empowering way, this podcast is for you.

And plus there’s a bit of this:

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Now it’s your turn. What can you commit to completing and what can taking this action symbolize for you? (gotta listen to the podcast to get what I’m saying here). Post what you did below.

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