If You’re Going Through Hell – Keep Going!



In this episode, I share why going through hell is actually our pathway to purpose. This message is conveyed courtesy of a brilliant comedian I discovered called Ms. Pat. Ms. Pat has gone through more hell than most of us can imagine – she was a teenage mother, a drug dealer, was shot by her mother and her baby daddy, was arrested, jailed and everything in between AND she lived to tell the tale. As a stand up comic for the past ten years, at 42 years old Ms. Pat is starting to hit the big time, telling tales of her horrific but at the same time funny past (because it’s so awful you have to laugh). I discovered her on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #527 and she is a reminder – to all of us – that when you’re going through hell, keep on going. Many of us at midlife have all kinds of challenges but the thing is, that is often where our personal and unique gold lies. In this clip I include a couple stand out clips from Ms. Pat’s interview with Joe. Here are some links for more info:

Ms Pat’s appearance on Joe Rogan podcast 

Ms Pat’s appearance on Joe Rogan YouTube 

Ms Pat’s website

Joe Rogan’s website 

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So – back to this week’s podcast – What is your biggest challenge right now? How could this actually be your purpose? Leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “If You’re Going Through Hell – Keep Going!

  1. One day I talked to my daugter about some fears I had about doing things or meeting people or whatever- the fear was terrible. She said to me, ” mother, face your fears”- It`s a kliche, but the truth is just as vital as this podcast- go to hell and find your heaven.
    The hell can be unbearable, and some part of us is trapped there for the lifetime if we don`t do the job and face the past, with emotions that are connected to the past.
    I have used the pianoplaying as a way to transform my anger, sorrow, pain,love and the hole range of feelings that are connected with my hell. As a result, I have become a better pianist, tecnically and emotionally- than I ever was and better than I have ever dreamt about.
    But doing this dirty work is not possible without having someone that trust you ( podcast saying) and not going on witout a desire for a change, to change for the sake of having a normal life. Being in contact with all my feelings, I now no what true happiness is, how much fun is going on in a proper relationship.How it feels to be angry an shout out. What makes me cry and all the rest of beeing in contact with my feelings. So heaven is available, but expensive!!!!
    Thanks Sue for this podcast, setting thoughts free….

    • Hey Janne!

      You’re the best. Love how much you think and stretch yourself – and isn’t it epic that you have a cool daughter to say “Mother, face your fears”. Talk about having a great support system. I’m so excited to follow your life adventure right now.


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