How To Kick Distraction’s Annoying Butt

Last night my dreams were accompanied by the manic soundtrack of “Bitch I’m Madonna”. If for some  reason you haven’t heard it yet, don’t! Look, I love Madonna and always will, but this song doesn’t do my world any favors. The only thing it did for me was get so stuck in my head that I couldn’t even sleep without getting it out. Argh, I can hear it right now as I write this!

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In some ways “BIM” was the perfect anthem for my week. It was noisy. It was trashy. It wasn’t good for me. I was insanely distracted by the online world. Twitter conversations. Instagram posts. Facebook articles. I caught the comedian Brody Steven’s using Periscope in brilliant ways. He was on a roll and I just couldn’t look away. And then the news of Rachel Dolezal came along and that blew my mind. Add in Cersei Lannister’s Walk of Shame in the Game of Thrones finale, The Donald running for president and for me it was all a perfect storm of pop culture distractions that put me off track.



Most of the time I can ride the wave of social media distractions but not so this week. So what leads us to being more distracted than usual? Can we blame the planets? It was after all a new moon this week and the end of Mercury in retrograde. I don’t really know what that means when it comes to distractions but I was scrambling for answers. The scramble turned into a week long in-depth meditation about what was really going on and how to move past it. It wasn’t until I started preparing for the podcast that the answer to what these distractions might really be about came through, and it was pretty interesting. Actually, it made a highly, frustrating week of distractions make perfect, prophetic sense.

Resources I mention in the podcast are

SelfControl App – This app blacklists problem surfing sites online for a period of time. It’ great but be very careful with the timing and sites to block setting as once you get started, you can not undo it. Even if you delete the app.

Periscope – Live streaming app

Steven Brody Stevens on Twitter/Periscope  – If you want to see a comedian using Periscope in a fascinating way this is a great start.

Stevie Wonder – Songs In The Key Of Life – One of my first albums. Pure grounding joy. You can listen to the whole album here:

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