How To Find Friends At Midlife

Midlife can be a bittersweet time when it comes to our BFF’s. Just like how a favorite outfit from the 1990’s that’s been tucked away in the back of your closet might not look as sweeeeeeet now, friendships also don’t necessarily stand the test of time. Why? Well, there’s a few reasons – career transitions, the friendship fall-out after divorce, friendships with parents of our kids winding back after those kids turn into adults. Those are just a few examples. Sometimes it’s just us. Doing the personal work of getting through midlife can be confronting if the people in our lives don’t relate to what we’re doing.



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Because of the Internet many of us have some kind of social connection and might be able to pick up the friend slack by hanging out online. However, there can be a false sense of security in relying only on this medium because here’s the truth: We’re humans who have a need to belong. We’re social creatures who need facial cues, sights, sounds and touch to fully experience the heartfelt benefits of a real friendship. In this week’s episode I share five ways to start making new friends at midlife but make sure that you pay attention to the “housekeeping” part of friendship cultivating before you start your quest.

Other resources mentioned in this episode:

As mentioned because of the timing of the reported incidents of the Bill Cosby story, many women who’ve come forward are at midlife and beyond. This might bring up personal recollections for others in our generation who haven’t resolved similar issues. If this resonates with you, please check out the following resources

Rape. Abuse and Incest National Network USA

International Sexual Assault Resources:

A shout out to Chef Rosa – AKA Mama Rosa from HairNailsBeautytips 

Here’s the vid announcement from Chef Rosa that she’s going to turn her passion for cooking into her profession ( there’s a recipe to start it off, message is at the end – isn’t she adorable?!!




And now to you? Have you noticed a change in friendship at midlife? How do you make friends? Let me know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “How To Find Friends At Midlife

  1. Hey Sue,
    All morning I have been humming and singing the Bette Milder song. So when I sat down to listen to you.
    I was amazed. It was about friends and you played my song at the end. This is kind of uncanny. During
    my coffee this morning I was thinking about your daughter coping in Chicago because my best friend lives there and they’re having real winter weather. Strange isn’t it? Anyway I just wanna say I’m proud of you and
    what you’re doing.
    love, Mick

    • Mick!

      Wow, you gave me chills. I love how certain thoughts and feelings really travel along wave lengths that defy traditional logic. Also now keeping your best friend in my “I’m trusting all will be fine this winter in Chicago” mantra for my daughter – we’ll give them both good energy 😉 I so appreciate you being here and am giving you a big hug. Thank you for being a friend



  2. Hi Janne

    Ahhh, thank you so much! I’m so happy you’re here and I’m stoked that my work has come to you at the right time. Please let me know if there are any specific topics you want me to take on in an upcoming vlog or podcast. And in the meantime, just know that change and challenge are actually the stuff that really helps us grow, so having a lot of stuff on means you’re in the right place!

    Keep in touch and lots of warm love to you from Sydney x


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