How Do I Start Loving Myself – NOW?

When a lot of us who are over 45 were growing up, there really wasn’t such a thing as the concept of loving ourselves. In fact, I remember so clearly when the song “The Greatest Love Of All” came out, I adored the track but could absolutely not wrap my head around the lyrics and their insistence that “learning to love ourselves was the greatest love of all”. “What does that mean?” I’d ponder, feeling like I was trying to crack some weird cosmic riddle.  Wouldn’t you be a selfish narcissist if you “loved yourself”? What could possibly be “great” about that?


Of course as time’s gone on and I’ve begun navigating the waters of women at midlife and beyond, I see the debilitating effects for those who haven’t learned that loving ourselves is really about self care. Regret over decisions, letting ourselves “go” and even illness are just some of the prices we pay when we don’t back ourselves.

Now, at midlife is the perfect time to reverse the old stories of the past. If you suffer from “good girl” syndrome, are hanging on to old hurts and basically trash talk every move you make, this episode will give you a bunch of breakthrough ideas for finally learning to love yourself. Word on the street is it’s the “greatest” love of all.

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