Healing Our Inner Haunted Houses

Happy Halloween! You ready to bust some ghosts? Regardless of how many hours we sit cross-legged in meditation or how many green juices we drink, there are always going to be gremlins, vampires and dragons that want to completely unravel the hours of self growth we clock in. As humans, living in this physical world, we all have triggers that either leave us feeling depleted or reacting in ways that drag us down and away from our true nature. As I move through midlife I find a constant desire to find ways to face and resolve these triggers. I want to heal whatever wounds there are despite my best efforts. I want to go in and cut out the old, sticky ectoplasm that does absolutely nothing for me.


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In this week’s podcast, I share a personal experience where I’m attempting to do just this. The inspiration behind doing it has come from taking on the 100 Day Reality Challenge – an online throw-down for seeing what happens when you spend 100 days consciously attracting what you desire. For a little background, I did a podcast about my thoughts on the challenge and you can listen to it here.  I was initially skeptical, but I’ve found a way to jump in that keeps my analytical mind calm and my new agey hippie mind excited. My plan is this: For the next 100 Days I’m focusing on abundance – abundant thinking, behaving and living. The truth of this challenge is though, no matter how many good vibes you put out there and receive, there’s always going to be something that wants to totally spoil the party. But rather than feel like this throws me off my abundance track, I’m considering it a gift to find the spaciousness in something that generally constricts me.

My tools for coping were given a triple shot of espresso from an online event sponsored by The Mindpod Network – a fantastic collection of conversations from thought leaders and spiritual teachers. This particular event featured spiritual conduits Raghu Markus and David Silver,who are also the hosts of the Mindrolling Podcast  and comedian Duncan Trussell, host of The Duncan Trussell Family Hour podcast, an awesome spiritual teacher in his own right. Here is the full event:



I also mentioned the author S.J. Scott. He writes a ridiculously impressive amount of books and really inspires me to continue to explore self-publishing. He has a great newsletter that gives good value and also is an authority on the concept of “habit stacking” which I’ve spoken about in past stuff.  You can find out more about him here. And before I forget, one tool that I’m using in my 100 Day Reality Challenge is listening to this particular set of affirmations by Louise Hay. I feel like there’s something in there for everyone and you can check it out here:



Tomorrow I begin writing my third book. I’m using the awesome Nanowrimo to keep me focused and the plan is to have a nice first draft completed at the end of November. I recently did a video about taking on the things on your bucket list and writing a book happens to be one of those things that’s on a lot of our bucket lists so if you need a kick up the backside to go for something that’s been on your mind, check it out here.

The music I include at the end of the episode is one of my favorite Crowded House songs, Silent House. Listen to it here:



And last but not least, shout outs to these special women who inspired me online this week:

Debbie Caruso
Kristena Ducker Bristol
Angela McMinn


How about you? How do you heal your inner haunted house? How do you bust the ghosts that seem to haunt you, regardless of how awesome you are at chanting “ommmmmmmmmm” ;). I’d love to know what you do so post your comments below.

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