Fresh Start Mastermind

Hey there!

Every now and then, I hold an inner circle, live and online mastermind. This is a short term, small group, weekly course, devoted to a goal, where I can be there right by your side, showing you how to get there. We have an amazing time!

These masterminds consist of weekly inspirations via email, a private Facebook group with livestream classes to watch on your own time and include weekly challenges, motivation and laser focus tools to get what you want. In past masterminds my amazing women have started up new businesses, felt better in their bodies, experimented with facing down fear and getting out of their comfort zone. The super cool thing is that they continue to get results long after the masterminds have completed.

For my next mastermind, I’m very called to lead a course that will show you how to step into whatever change that you want to make RIGHT NOW.

For instance:

You want to have a great body? Super, then we will get you to own that desire right now using tools, practices and mentoring to live the way you want to look and feel now.

You want to be wealthy? Great, we are going to get real with money and abundance and start living in the flow of financial security. This will mean learning to take the fear out of our circumstances and changing our beliefs.

You want a relationship? Awesome! Together we will go on a 6 week deep dive to become the person that you see yourself with when you have a partner.

These are just some body, mind and soul ideas of what you can do in my latest mastermind but the bottom line is that this course will be like hitting the reset button.

It’s a time for a Fresh Start!

The Fresh Start Mastermind will begin on Monday, December 18 – which happens to be a New Moon and is a perfect time for starting new intentions. Now, I’m aware that this is PEAK holiday season so the first couple weeks of our Mastermind will be a gentle starting period where you can get clear on what goal you want to work on AND immediately put into place, very quick, hassle free seed planting so by the time that January 1st rolls around and everyone is getting started with their resolutions, YOU are already well onto your way. During this early period, you’ll be getting some audio training that will help you feel less stressed during the holiday time AND help start tuning your compass to the new YOU. You’ll be surprised how much energy you actually receive from this part of the course.

During January, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in two group live coaching classes via Google Hangouts. I hold these during the time zones of participants so it doesnt matter where you live, we make it work! There will be weekly challenges, accountability and participation in our private FB group as well as regular audio and video training from me. I will be there for you every step of the way. We will finish the course near the next new moon on January 19 and you will be amazed at the difference in yourself from when you started to this 6 week point. You will see how it feels to be the change that you desire to see. Expect to feel better in your body, calmer, more creative, braver and on track with money and work goals.

Here is a peek at The Fresh Start Mastermind schedule:

WEEK 1 – PRACTICAL MANIFESTING: It’s time to call in what you want to change! This week we begin with very simple but POWERFUL assignments to start your transformational journey! Best of all you’ll find them easy to do, even during the holidays. You’ll love the Morning and Evening Affirmation audio tracks that I’ve designed to specifically get you adjusting your mindset to the change you want to make.

WEEK 2 – POWER OF SMALL: You will learn how to ditch the “all or nothing” attitude and instead notice the benefits of making small changes. This week kicks off with a private ceremony (that you can do anytime, anywhere and without anyone knowing!”) and it’s dedicated to establishing easy and pleasant rituals aimed at your goals. The lessons from this week are life changing because they will mean never giving up on yourself again AND discovering that you can finish what you start.

WEEK 3 – CLARITY:  Welcome 2018!!! This week coincides with the energy of a brand new year, which you’ve already ushered in brilliantly because you started earlier than the rest of the world. Our focus is on getting crystal clear clarity on your goal and creating a compelling foundation that will keep you supported and focused. There WILL be practical manifesting (a combination of logic and fun, hippie stuff to create and live your dreams) happening this week! If you’re participating in The Fresh Start Mastermind Full program, this week we will have our first of two live group coaching sessions on Google Hangouts. Don’t worry if you’ve never done a Google Hangout before – I give full instructions!

WEEK 4: DANCING WITH FEAR: By this time in Fresh Start, you are already seeing results and living daily with the great energy and alignment that the course brings. Chances are something has come up that is requiring you to go out of your comfort zone and you’ll learn and practice supportive techniques for stepping into your power – even when it’s scary!

WEEK 5: ABUNDANCE: As we work on our goals, we’ll encounter the importance of knowing our self worth, financial health and abundance. If you’ve been scared about money or tend to experience self doubt or sabotage, this week will be a game changer in changing your money story and belief system.

WEEK 6: CEREMONY: This final week will be a culmination of practices, rituals, and accomplishments in sensible and tangible ways. We will hold our final group coaching session in the Google Hangout if you’re doing the full version of the Mastermind but all of you will feel refreshed, renewed and inspired by what you’ve achieved during our time together. At this stage of the Mastermind we all know each other well and will share our accomplishments as well as celebrate the adventure with a special ceremony.

So that’s what it looks like! The Fresh Start Mastermind really is practical manifesting. We’ll be doing the work, slow and steady but there will also be a little magic and fun in there as well to keep us smiling!

There are two ways to participate:

Fresh Start Mastermind Lite: This version will give you access to everything (private Facebook group, audio and video training, personal attention from me and more) EXCEPT the live group coaching sessions on Google Hangouts. The totally hot Early Bird cost is $99 for the full six week experience. Prices will go up.


Fresh Start Mastermind Full: This version gives you access to everything mentioned above including the live group coaching sessions. I highly recommend this version if you are looking to turbo charge your experience as we actually work together in two sessions,, via video face to face and it’s pretty incredible what happens with the energy of a small group of like minded women working together. The sexy Early Bird cost is $149 for the full six week experience. Prices will go up and there is limited space for this version so please get in quick.





Once you join I will send you a confirm of payment within 24 hours. If you have any questions or need help signing up please shoot me a DM on Instagram or Facebook and I will get back to you during Australian business hours.