Happy Mother’s Day! In this week’s podcast I give some advice to two gals from our community. The thing is they asked for some help on completely different issues but they had one thing in common. Their mothers had strong opinions on the way they were living their lives and it was preventing them from making a decision on their own, big girl terms.

In the podcast I mention some interesting studies that highlight the huge cultural and societal divide between our generation and that of our mothers. The first one, where the lives of their adult daughters caused lower levels of self esteem in mothers was published in Social Psychology Quarterly by Deborah Carr.  Further research revealed that a significant number of mothers of adult daughters reported that they were generally concerned about their daughters and didn’t intend to come off critical. More on this can be found in this book.

I also mention in the podcast that I’ve got a video on how to use a podcast player on your phone. If by chance you haven’t ventured further that this page for listening to my podcasts, this will really help expand the experience so you can take me on the go. Click here. 

So talk to me. What tip for dealing with an opinionated mother resonated with you? How can you be the change in the relationship with your mom? I’d love to know so post below.

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