Changing Your Life? Make Some Space For It

I was cleaning out the cupboard that has all the medical stuff – the international travel kits with all the gastro emergency tablets and potions if gastric disaster strikes, the head and muscle pain relief for pulled backs and periods from hell, the day time/nightime cold and flu medicine for the times we have to keep trucking when we should really be in bed, the bandaids, the ankle wraps, the heating pads, the salves, the salines, the bandaids, the mini scissors, the tweezers, the tiger balm, the cat’s medicine….. you get the picture!


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It didn’t take long to dawn on me that the contents of this cupboard were in a clash with the reality of my life. We’re healthy. We make efforts in our health. We haven’t used and have no intention of needing 90% of any of these things in this closet and even the idea of having them there just in case seemed wrong.

Changing your life means making sure that your normal, everyday, as it is now life, matches what you want.

I chucked out all but one travel kit, cleaning it up and making it perfect, more of a promise for amazing travel adventures to come. I got rid of the cat meds and all but a pack of pain relief. I tossed all the cold and flu meds, congratulating myself for completely disregarding the conventional thinking that because it was winter, the flu was just a bad germ encounter away. I culled and organized the Ace bandages and heating pads, we are after all pushing our bodies so it’s okay to have some reinforcements just in case.

The once messy medical cupboard, with stuff in it that just drained me with it’s lack of connection to who my family was but seemed necessary to keep for an eventual sick rainy day was now mostly empty. I had cleared space for our current and future health.

And it felt GOOD!

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