I’m putting together new workshops now. If you’d like me to let you know when the next ones are, please shoot me a message at and I will add you to my early invite list. 

In the meantime, here’s info on my last workshop.

Are you a yogi who loves to write – or dreams of writing one day? Do you have a creative project, a blog or social media posts that need a spark? Are you a writer who wants to develop healthier habits?

If so then you’ll love this unique workshop that takes the opening and energy of yoga asana and uses that to inspire self expression. You’ll learn yoga postures and relaxation techniques that will assist the body, mind and soul in activating your unique voice. You’ll discover how to free, trust and download your thoughts straight to paper or screen. If you’re already an experienced writer, this class will help provide tools for times when you’re blocked or want to take your creativity up a notch.

This class is for all writing and yoga levels. You’re welcome to bring your laptop or paper and pens will be supplied.

WHERE: Yoga and Health Collective Level 1 #2 Bungan Street, Mona Vale, NSW

WHEN: Saturday, Oct 21 2017

TIME: 4:00 – 6:00

COST: $49 – Includes all materials


About Your Teachers:
Stephanie Moody: Stephanie has been practising yoga for 20 years, and teaching for more than 7 years.She’s a qualified Yoga Therapist, kids yoga teacher, and has a degree in Psychology, philosophy and sociology. She loves to guide her students through their practice with humour, warmth and integrity, and is passionate about using the tools of yoga to support change and transformation in the individual.

Susan Paget: Susan Paget is a Manly based author, professional life coach and long time yoga student who specializes in helping women over 40. She has a passion for the subject of life purpose and loves to combine the therapeutic techniques of creativity and mindfulness as a channel for change and alignment.



Women’s Circles



In the meantime – Read on for the gist of what Circles are! 

For a long time I’ve wanted to create a class where women can gather, share what’s going on in their lives in a supported space and discover practices that will inspire them. More than anything, I wanted to be able to teach these on a regular basis, in my own backyard,  so that we could grow together and form a community.

I’m happy to let you know that this has finally happened. I’m teaching Saturday morning classes in Manly Beach, Australia.  Even better, I’m teaching them at the new, great vibe school The Yoga Space so there’s a good feeling for us to spend time in.

The classes are perfect for you if you’re looking for a way to create more meaning in your life or are feeling stuck and want to figure out next chapters or are interested in healing your soul.  As it’s also winter time, we’ll be using inspiration from the season to learn to appreciate stillness, feel comfortable with solitude and learn more about our intuition.

The classes vary each week but combine an opening and closing meditation practice, a creative exercise such as journaling and a topic discussion that serves the needs of the group. Dress comfortably for the season. All materials will be supplied but you’re welcome to bring your own journal. Yoga, meditation or writing experience is not required.

If you have any questions, please PM me on my Facebook page.


You & Me By The Sea

I live in a beautiful part of Australia – Manly Beach to be exact! – and I’ve always had a hankering to combine the work I do with the gorgeous lifestyle that goes along with living here.

So I’ve created an experience where for a couple hours, against the refreshing energy of the ocean you’re my guest. Think of it as a mini retreat for your soul. This mini retreat is perfect for you if:

You’re at a life’s crossroads and need some clarity and direction that you can feel good about.

You’ve lost your mojo. You feel flat. You’ve been procrastinating and need something to kickstart your energy.

You’re on holidays and want to have an off the beaten path experience that will also elevate your soul (great souvenir right??!!)

Here’s what we’ll do:

MEET: I meet you at Manly Wharf (a short boat ride from the heart of Sydney). 

MOVE: We’ll go for a gentle walk along the sea where I’ll get to know you and discover what you want to work on during our session.

BREATHE: I’ll lead you through an easy meditation specifically tailored to your needs in a special spot. This will help you get focused for the private workshop that’s coming next.

SIP: At one of my favorite local hangouts, we’ll have a glass of whatever is calling you (a great Aussie wine, a green juice, some bubbles or Joe – you decide!), a nibble of something yummy to snack on and then we’ll begin our session.

CREATE: The session begins. This is where we nail exactly what you need right now and create an action plan to begin immediately. I’ll also be giving you a journal and will teach you specific mindset work that will support what you’re working on. You will finish our time together feeling excited and energized with next steps to take. 

YOU & ME BY THE SEA includes:

Our time together,  Bottle of water, Refreshment of your choice, Journal.  (Oh and by the way, I also have a backpack where I can carry your wallet, etc while we walk so you can be hands free! I also carry sunblock, a spare umbrella in case of occasional sprinkles and a towel if you’d like to jump in the sea after we go for a walk).

COST: $297 US

Availability – 7 days a week, 11am – 5pm

Duration: Approximately 2 hours.

Yoga (private or group class), personal trainer, spa treatment (facial, massage, waxing, mani-pedis) and/or accommodation in Manly can be arranged at an extra charge.

To book please email or PM me on Facebook with your preferred day and time and I’ll confirm within 24 hours with payment details and information for our time together.






What if:

You could do anything you wanted with your life RIGHT NOW and there were absolutely no limitations at all.

What would this look like for you?

How would it feel?

What if you could really SEE and TOUCH what’s in your heart and soul? What If you KNEW that you didn’t have to hold it in any longer? What would it be like to live without any regrets because you listened to and honored your soul’s calling?

Now, have that picture in your mind as I tell you this:

This deep yearning within you is REAL

It might feel scary. It might feel too audacious, impractical, impossible, costly, risky and every other fear laden description in the book but regardless of all that – It’s REAL.

So what if you could figure out a way to bring this realness to life in a way that is right for you? What if you could do so in a supportive environment with like minded women who are also daring to turn their dreams into reality? And what if you could do this under the watchful eye of a coach who’s dedicated to helping women live their life on purpose and who also happens to be damn good at idea creation and action step taking and having your back?

If this is resonating, my upcoming Inner Circle Mastermind is for you. The theme is “Dream It, Do It” and the aim will be to turn what’s in your heart and soul into reality.

“Dream It Do It” is an entirely online, six week experience that runs from Feb 20 – March 31.

In a Mastermind, with me by your side, we take what’s in your heart and soul whether that’s creating a plan for a new business, getting on track with a new attitude towards health, thinking about getting back into dating, taking on a new adventure – whatever is beating it’s drum to be released – and we figure out a way to bring it to life in a way that’s right for you.

Here’s the Schedule

Week 1 -Body, Mind and Soul Reboot – This week is dedicated to getting everything ready so that you have the right mindset and environment to bring your dream to life

Week 2 – Blueprinting Your Dream – This week we will unpack your dream so we can create a creation game plan.

Week 3 – Let the Creating Begin – The fun part begins now. This is where your dream starts taking shape.

Week 4 – Pushing The Edge – Dreams often involve going out of your comfort zone and this week we’re going to play with this edge in a way that feels safe and fun.

Week 5 –  Here We Go – Your dream is taking shape right now.

Week 6 – Look What You Did! – It’s time to evaluate what you’ve created and what your next steps are. At this point you will be amazed at the growth journey you’ve taken from where you’ve started to now.


SESSIONS WITH ME: 6 weekly live and online, small group one hour coaching sessions on Google Hangout with a focus on what you want to achieve and action steps to complete each week to get there. I’ll tailor the time to the majority of the group members’ locations. (p.s. I’ll also walk you through how to use a Hangout if you’ve never done it before.). Please note,while highly recommended, these sessions are NOT mandatory and an alternative DIY version is provided if you need to miss.

PRIVATE LOUNGE: Private secret Facebook page and community where you’ll have access to me for any questions, resources, and inspiration that you need to stay on track.

VIRTUAL CHEERLEADING: 6 weekly exclusive pep- talk emails that will get you excited to take on each week.

VIDEO INSPO: At least 6 weekly Facebook livestream lessons from me to keep you motivated. I do whatever’s necessary to keep everyone fired up and moving forward. You can watch these at your convenience through the week.

TRIBE: New friends – Hang, learn and be supported by like minded women – no going it alone here.



My Gray Hair Adventure Book Is Finally Here

It’s finally here. After about two years of aiming my iPhone’s camera at my scalp and 11 months of writing about it, my book “Gray Hair Adventure:Things I Learned About Life When I Stopped Dyeing My Hair” has been birthed. This is my third go at self publishing and it occurred to me the other day that my books have become little time capsules of my life. When I wrote my first book “Be Your Own Change Guru: The Ultimate Women’s Guide For Thriving At Midlife” I used it as a way to curate all my thoughts about perimenopause and how to take that natural state of life and harness it to live better, to stop settling for less and to ultimately be optimistic about the future. In that same year I somehow managed to pump out “How To Find Your Purpose After 40:Unlocking Your Unique Gift To The World” and I think that the reason why I was able to follow up with a second book so quickly was because I’d been looking for purpose for so many years and once I found it, a “how to” on finding it literally poured out of me. It was basically just outlining and explaining the steps that I’d taken.

But then there was this gray thing! This crazy gray hair adventure! This gray adventure where my hair can sometimes look brown in certain lights and in others looks wayward and crazy lady nuts and other times looks beyond what I could ever imagine, in a good way. I started writing the book about this time last year and I remember feeling very daunted by the process. By that time, I’d done many videos on the subject and I had plenty of material to write about but I knew what was ahead. I knew that feeling of having to lock myself away and write, even when I was uninspired or too busy or had nothing in the tank.


Watch the trailer for my new book where I answer five questions about it

And knowing all that and doing it anyways is what it’s all about. It’s so symbolic for those big things in life that we dream of doing but we know that the road ahead is full of uncertainty. That alone keeps many of us from even taking a step towards it. Now looking back I feel immensely grateful for whatever it was inside me that kept me going even when I was stuck for the right word or had to go through those times where I just didn’t know if I could finish. And yep, there were those times. I really had to polish this book. I went through many drafts before I could get to the point where I started to fall in love with it. I think that the reason it was more challenging to shape than others was because this book wasn’t just about me. I met so many amazing women through it and I wanted to write something that made a difference and gave some value to this whole movement to let women color or not color their hair, to do whatever makes them feel beautiful.

A couple fun facts about the making of this book:

I ate a lot of popcorn writing it. I don’t know what it was but I’m not kidding when I say that I think I really made Jiffy’s financial year. I air pop it and drizzle with olive oil and sea salt. Sometimes bribing myself with a bowl of popcorn by my side helped me to hang in there.

When I got stuck with the writing, I read. I read money books and chick lit and travel books. I highly recommend this to anyone in the thick of the writing process. It helped me so much to remember my own authentic voice by reading someone else’s authentic voice.

My daughter Matilda took the cover photo. I am the luckiest mom in the world to have a talented daughter who knows how to work a camera and how to make me feel comfortable in front of it. I’m so not that kind of girl, but for that day, it was fun to play and it makes me happy to have a piece of her in this book.

I launched it during Mercury in Retrograde. There was a time when I used to read my signs and know when this happens but I gave it up a while ago. But a few weeks ago, when I was getting to the very, very pointy end of getting ready to publish – everything that could go off kilter or downright wrong did. You name it, pushing wrong buttons during the publishing part, having no internet for a couple deadline days, etc. etc. I finally sent my girlfriend a text and was like “WTF IS GOING ON!” And then she gave me the news. And by the way, I just looked it up to see when it ends – still seven more days to go and guess what, in the description of what not to do when Mercury’s in retrograde, launching any project was one of them. Oh well, the gray hair adventure has taught me to just trust in the process, regardless of what’s happening on the outside.

I hope you read the book. There’s a lot of heart and soul in there and I really think that if you liked the vlogs, you’ll love this. And if you do like it, leaving a brief review on Amazon would be the perfect way to let me know.

Now, hmmmm, I wonder what the next adventure’s gonna be? Got any ideas for my next book?




How To Do Self-Help Without Doing Your Head In

Self-help is a two sided coin. There’s the shiny side with all the endless techniques and practices on a million different topics so we can take personal matters into our own hands. There’s no shortage of people like me, giving heaps of tips and insight into how to live life better. It’s empowering to be able to take responsibility for our well-being and it’s a luxury to have so many resources and guides to show us how to do it.



But then there’s the dark side of the coin. The side where all the things that we learn and should be doing end up being tacked onto a big, exhausting to-do list. You might start to notice that all the work you’re doing to make change in your life ends up feeling just like that – Work! The joy’s been sucked out and rather than feeling empowered by all the things that you’re doing, you feel completely enslaved to it all, to the point where you just don’t want to do all this dumb self-help stuff anymore.

This week’s video points out a very important truth that’s often disregarded when we go on a personal development path, but really, it’s the most essential and to some surprising, baseline thing to know about making change in our lives. I hope watching the vid lets you exhale a bit.

How To Rock A Bikini After 40!

I know what you’re thinking. I’m going to tell you some secrets for looking hot in a bikini that are going to require you to latch on to the latest “miracle” diet and work out plan. I wouldn’t even blame you if you dread seeing these kind of articles all together because they just make you feel bad about yourself. I promise you, this is not that.

I’ve never been that confident in a bikini. It’s been that way since the beginning of time really. In looking back at all the decades that I’ve been confronted with swimsuit season I’ve realized that it never mattered whether I was in shape or not, the confidence just kind of eluded me.

That was until very recently. Living at the beach in Australia, I often see women of every age, shape and size who rock a bikini and think nothing of it. You can tell just by looking at them that they love to be outside and feel deserving to enjoy being themselves. Not a swimsuit model and not a person to shun exposing they’re body because they don’t match some out of wack standard. Just themselves.

Wow. What a concept, right? This year, I thought a lot differently about how I wanted to go into future summers. I decided to drop the coat of feeling insecure about my many imperfections and just enjoy the feeling of the sun and air on my body and feel appreciative of everything that this physical part of me has brought to my life.

It took some lead up practice to get to this point but give the tips I describe in the video a go. Once you start working with them, I think you’ll find that after all this time, you’ll be ready to finally “out” yourself – even if it’s just in the privacy of your own home.

I Hate My Job But Is Starting Over Financially Irresponsible?

I really like to live by the concept of having no regrets. When I look back at all the wrong turns I’ve made, and I’ve made some really good ones,  the pain is eased in that I can say with certainty that the reasons I took them were because I was doing the best I could with what I had at the time. But there is one place in my life right now that I know that with a bit more guidance, I would’ve set myself up a bit better, and that’s in my midlife career transition from working in the media to doing what I love! In my urgency to make huge change, I jumped into it all so fast that I glossed over some essential steps that I’m needing to retrace right now.


So when Tracy, one of the insiders on my newsletter, explained that she wanted to change careers desperately but was concerned about being financially irresponsible, I was so excited because I knew I could at least make some lemonade about some of the lemons I’ve had to squeeze during these early years of my new business.

As mentioned in the episode, I’m a believer in that a lot of the things that we hold dear – our economy, the corporate environment are falling over and that being willing to change our minds about starting over is going to be key in how we thrive during this second half of life. I find the work of James Altucher, an investor who shares his expertise on entrepreneurship with an emphasis on the vast changes that are happening right now very helpful and you can check out his stuff here.

And lastly, I’d love to get your input on the gray hair book I’m finishing. If you’re interested, get on my email list and I’ll tell you more. Click here.

How Do You Do Your 5pm?

I’d been in full on nerd mode all day long. And when I do that, I start feeling so yuck – between the computer and realising I’d been stuck in pretty much the same seated position, with the exception of a food or toilet break, I knew that I really needed to get out of the house and go for a walk. I have to say that knowing and wanting are two different things. I was pretty drained and it took energy to change my clothes. It took energy to leave. But here’s the thing. That’s when I know I need to move the most.



It was the tail end of a beautiful summer in Sydney and I was wearing my bikini under a sarong. I wasn’t walking fast as I crossed over to the beach esplanade across the street. I was just breathing in some fresh air, practically pushing the clean oxygen through my tired cells. It didn’t take long to feel so much better and that state of mind woke me up from geekville and put me into a place of “Wow”. Here I was, fortunate enough to live steps away from one of the world’s best beaches and to be able to wind down there, at 5pm on a Monday.

That’s pretty insane because “5pm on a Monday” in Sydney for so many people means still being in an office or stuck in this city’s crazy gridlock (we’ve got super small road infrastructure for the size of our population). Being at the beach, on a Monday at 5pm, represented so many things to me from how amazing it was that I had backed myself and transitioned my career, doing what I love with hours and conditions that are right for me. I was humbled that I knew how to exercise extreme self care and get fresh air, something that so many of us tend to think we don’t deserve or have time to do.

So around that point, when this was all coming to me, I looked straight ahead. I had all of magnificent Shelly Beach, a glorious little bay in Manly, practically acknowledging how good life is. I had no choice but to gasp “Thank you”.




Most of us, including me, are used to the concept of journaling or practicing gratitude in the morning, but I never considered the power of doing this same thing at the end of the day as well. Now hear me out. I know that the last thing we need in life is to add more stuff to our to-do list, but if we can find a way to naturally take a moment to take stock of the ordinary miracles that are all around us, especially at the end of the day, I think you might be jolted back to the reality, like I did, that a normal day is pretty damn extraordinary.

So that said, what could you do around 5pm to acknowledge the day and welcome the evening? I’d love to hear. 


Kashi Ganga Aarti :

Varanasi Flower and Candle Ceremony on the Ganges:

How Do I Become A Morning Person?

Are you one of those people who jumps out of bed at the crack of dawn, totally alive and ready to start the day? Well there was a time when I really wanted a piece of “that”. I was always on the opposite end of the scale, wishing with everything I had that I could sleep for just a little while longer. As time’s gone on though, I’ve come to learn that the mornings are probably some of the most important parts of my day. My main rituals happen then. That’s when I do my practices of quiet sitting, some yoga and drinking a cup of hot water with lemon to plot the day ahead. When I sleep in, I might do these grounding rituals later in the day, but they’re never the same.



Even though I love the way I start my day, I really can’t call myself a “morning person”.I think that idea alone, that we have to be a “morning person” or a “night owl” highlights how labels can really mess with our heads, especially at midlife. Now’s the time where we often question all those things that we’ve been told over and over again about having to fit into a certain category. And when we realize that we don’t, we think that maybe we’re doing something wrong.

It’s weird to know that we don’t have to label ourselves. A personal story where this rings true for me is when I decided to start a career helping women at midlife. I knew that I wanted to do more than coaching but the sticky part was working out what I should call myself. How could I tell people “what I was” if I was so many things. And then I realized, “I DON’T HAVE TO”.  What a relief!  It’s just like when we’re asked to describe who we are in one word. It’s the croziest question because we can’t. And rather than fighting it by trying to search for a label or figuring out a way how to conform to a little box, giving ourselves the chance to drop the labels that either didn’t fit or just don’t do the job of summing up who we are is incredibly freeing, once we get the hang of it.

So, when it comes to mornings? How do you do them? Dragging your heals or leaping out of the sheets? I’d love to hear how your start to the day happens.