A Day In My Life: Sydney, Australia

What’s a typical day for you? That’s the question I try to answer in this week’s podcast. I stuck my iPhone in my pocket and checked in through the day, recording what I was up to and what was on my mind. This day was relatively typical of when I’m in writing mode and what I really liked about being mindful of my timing and locations was that it became kind of a “macro” meditation. Often we think that meditation is some mystical thing but really it’s just being mindful and suddenly, the ordinariness of our surroundings become quite miraculous.


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My yoga class

entrance to yogamoves.com.au


6:00AM This is the entrance to the yoga studio where I practice. It’s called YogaMoves and is in Paddington – a cool inner city Sydney suburb. The type of yoga is called Ashtanga and the teacher is Eileen Hall who was certified by both K. Pattabhi Jois and BKS Iyengar – two pillars of modern yoga. You can get more info on classes  here. One thing that I noticed this particular morning is that often it’s completely dark when I get to the class, but it’s starting to move towards summer so it’s a whole different look when I get there. As soon as I walk through the door, all I can hear is the deep breathing of students with an occasional word from Eileen or the other assistants. Even though it’s a commute for me, I’ve never regretted the effort of practicing here.


Kings Cross, Sydney, Australia

Kings Cross, Sydney, Australia


9:00AM  Walking home from yoga I pass through “The Cross”. Kings Cross is considered the red light district of Sydney – it’s strip clubs, addicts, underworld. But at this time of morning, and with the route I take, it’s always quite clean. No bad smells, no weird energy. The pic is very dull – it was a gray day and I didn’t bother running it through a filter but this Coca Cola sign is an iconic part of the city and has been there for decades.



Sydney's "CBD"

Sydney’s “CBD”


If you’re at all familiar with Sydney, I pretty much stay on William Street and urban hike it all the way up to Hyde Park, cutting through the Park over to Elizabeth Street and then down to Circular Quay and the Manly Ferry at Wharf 3.


My view of the Opera House (and a big ol’ cruise ship) from the Manly Ferry

10:00AM If you ever come to Sydney, one of the most classic experiences is to take the Manly Ferry from Circular Quay (home of the Sydney Opera House and main docking area for cruise ships) over to Manly, which is my hometown and beach suburb famous for producing some of the best surfers in the country/world. The ride is about 30 minutes long and is pretty epic for a commute.


Manly Beach view from my balcony

Manly Beach view from my balcony


3:00PM I sometimes forget I live at the beach I’ve lived here for so long. Again, not the greatest picture in the world but I can’t describe how good it felt to step away from my computer and breathe in the salt air. That’s the way this becomes  a meditation. You just take a moment to get ahold of your surroundings – the feel, the smell  – you get present, rather than being in another place in your head.


Other resources I mentioned in this episode:

For Crying Out Loud : One of my favorite podcasts hosted by Los Angeles moms Stephanie Wilder-Taylor and Lynette Carolla.

Books I’m reading this week:

I’m Kind of a Big Deal by Stephanie Wilder-Taylor

Girl Walks Into A Bar by Rachel Dratch

Fosse by Sam Wasson


Also, a shout out of gratitude to the online friends who have recently inspired me:

OVER50ANDFANTABULOUS :  This lovely woman shares an honest account of her life and faith and carries herself with a huge amount of grace and strength. Plus, she often gives me a fix for things I’m missing about good ol’ American life like waffle breakfasts and way too abundant supermarket aisles.

Theresa Capaldo : Theresa is a no BS Clarity Hacker – I totally love this job description! She’s boldly going into the next chapter of her life and gives generous amounts of inspiration to her community.

Kathleen Zimmer : Kathleen is a friend on my YouTube channel who’s doing the gray hair thing too. She always brings value to our topics with great sharing and comments. She’s a reminder too that you can be very busy with a full time job but still find time to grow and learn and feel good about yourself.


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2 thoughts on “A Day In My Life: Sydney, Australia

  1. Hello Susan,

    I just love that job title: “A no BS Clarity Hacker” ! 🙂 My tax controller called me a ‘social freedom fighter’ (he had discovered my blog, and liked it), which is also cool, though a bit more European in its heaviness…

    Thank you for the chat, Susan! One of the reasons I can’t work in offices anymore is that the thought of having that ‘typical day’ routine, became more and more incompatible with my – yeah, my what ? My freedom, my rhythm, my nature and my curiosity…

    It is not raining, so I m going out to do some fun errands instead of the previously planned laundry.

    Enjoy the joy!

    • Hello lovely M!

      My absolute pleasure re the chat and thank you so much for listening.

      Love your job title you social freedom fighter you and your description that it’s “European in its heaviness”. I really like that we’re getting to a place where we can have fun with what we call ourselves. My son used to have a job where he was called the “manager of fun” – love it.

      And yay yay yay re choosing fun over laundry – you’ll get to it soon enough.

      Big hugs from me


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