How To Find Your Purpose After 40: FREE This Week

HOW TO FIND YOUR PURPOSE: The Secret To Unlocking Your Unique Gift To The World   Hey! My book “How To Find Your Purpose After 40″ is a free download on Amazon this week only. Click here to grab it . PS If you need a Kindle, here’s a free app for any device


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Lessons From A Year Of Growing Gray Hair

Podcast – TCG 2.0 The Change Guru 2.0 is a new weekly podcast on iTunes dedicated to all things over 40. These are candid, unscripted chats, often solo, sometimes with guests, where I share what’s on my mind. Every episode is loaded with tips and inspiration to make your life rock. Subscribe to the show […]

Become Your Own Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenges both moved and inspired me. I was moved for the awareness created by it and I was inspired by people taking time out of their day to reflect and participate. I have to admit, I get cynical with these mass charity fund raising efforts. I found myself immediately wondering how […]

ice bucket challenge

My weekly podcast

Zen and The Art Of Perimenopause

I made an appointment a few weeks back to get a big health overhaul. I want to do a little bit of human guinea pig business and see ways that I can support my hormones, my cells, my neurons, my everythings and just make sure I’m doing the right thing for my future health. From […]

Create A Vision Board

  I’m just about getting ready to launch my second book “How To Find Your Purpose After 40: The Secret To Unlocking Your Unique Gift To The World”¬†and in the book I take us on a bit of a fishing expedition to find out exactly what it is that makes us tick, combined with some […]

Create A Vision Board

Break The Stigma of Mental Health

How To Take Charge of Your Midlife Mental Health

  The question is simple. What do you do EVERY day to actively manage your mental health? For me, my yoga practice, sitting in stillness, avoiding unnecessary media, having boundaries, paying attention to what I eat and drink, having love and support around me are essentials and non-negotiable. If I needed more I’d ask for […]

Robin, Madonna and a Super Moon

  This week’s death of Robin Williams, combined with the upcoming birthday of the iconic Madonna plus the natural wonder of a moon close to earth left me quite pensive. Re Robin, I don’t know why as a society we are so afraid to be open about our mental health. I don’t know why as […]

My weekly podcast

My weekly podcast

If You’re Going Through Hell – Keep Going!

    In this episode, I share why going through hell is actually our pathway to purpose. This message is conveyed courtesy of a brilliant comedian I discovered called Ms. Pat. Ms. Pat has gone through more hell than most of us can imagine – she was a teenage mother, a drug dealer, was shot […]

Need help? How To Start Asking For It!

  This week’s post was inspired by a dragon that’s been laying around under my bed for months and that’s the idea of asking for help. I generally don’t have any challenges asking for help if it has to do with my health, time management, overwhelm, advice but I’m learning when it comes to the […]

Ask For Help

My weekly podcast

The Myths of Finding Your Purpose

In this week’s podcast I read an exerpt of my new book “How To Find Your Purpose After 40: The Secret To Unlocking Your Unique Gift To The World“. The bit I read is something that really fascinates me and it’s that a lot of what we think “purpose” is, is wrong. Have a listen […]