Learning To Hear That Voice In The Back Of Your Mind

Most of us totally understand the concept of intuition and trusting our gut. But what if there was an even more fine tuned barometer of truth beyond this. And more than “what if”, how do we find it? In this week’s podcast, I share a way I think that I was able to access this […]

My weekly podcast on all things midlife

Are you worried about your drinking at midlife

Are You Secretly Worried About Your Drinking At Midlife? 4

More women now, than any time in history, say that regular drinking is a part of their lives. We’re also doing it behind closed doors and maybe you can relate. You come home from a long day at work, it’s time to make dinner and you pour a glass of wine. One wine turns to […]

Let Me Help You Get Unstuck At Midlife 2

Has your mojo hit the wall? Do you feel stuck? If your answer is yes, Congratulations! You are in the middle of making big change in your life. Even though it might feel super far away from anything but a change in direction, reaching a plateau is part of our growth journey and in this […]

My weekly podcast on all things midlife

Under 40 and Growing Gray

Going Gray – A Love Letter To Under 40’s 2

Dearest You, Last year, when I decided to stop dyeing my hair to let it grow out gray, I learned some weird things about us women. For one thing, I learned that the mere idea of publicly showing regrowth could put big time fear into the stomach pits of usually tough and independent women. I […]

How To Deal With Cliques And Friendship Challenges At Midlife 4

Midlife can be a friendship shakedown. ┬áIt’s pretty much impossible to do the heavy lifting of change, whether it’s in our relationships, our career or in our life direction, and not notice who’s on our side. Just like this time of life brings up the things that don’t work, so it goes with our feelings […]

My weekly podcast on all things midlife

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

It’s da money question! What’s gonna be the one thing that signifies who we are and justifies why we’re here? Of course, now that we’ve reached midlife we know there’s really no endgame. There’s no one answer to this. Asking ourselves this question, now, is our way of throwing our hands in the air and […]

A Day In My Life: Sydney, Australia 2

What’s a typical day for you? That’s the question I try to answer in this week’s podcast. I stuck my iPhone in my pocket and checked in through the day, recording what I was up to and what was on my mind. This day was relatively typical of when I’m in writing mode and what […]

My weekly podcast on all things midlife

Going back to school after 40

Going Back To School After 40 6

One of the most common challenges that women (and men) have over 40 is getting a grip when a long time career is about to hit the wall. Because these jobs keep us so consumed, we often don’t have the time or energy of where to turn next. And who wants to face it?! There […]

Beginning A Meditation Practice At Midlife 6

If learning to meditate was a school, I definitely have flunked out, many times. Not for the lack of trying because I’ve spent years flirting with all the big name techniques. it’s just that I have always felt that I kind of sucked at it. Sitting still for even a few minutes would often have […]

My weekly podcast on all things midlife


Body Image And How We Relate To Food

During my late teens I discovered dieting. I was naturally slim and had really never even heard of cutting calories. That was until a friend showed me the ropes and when I started getting compliments for looking “skinny” I kept on going. This set up a very destructive cycle of low level bulimia. I say […]