How To Recover From A Setback At Midlife 2

Whether it’s stuff like a breakup, a job bust-up or a health reality check, there comes a time (most likely many times!) where it can feel like we take backward steps on our life’s path. But one of the many things that I love about midlife is that even a setback has the opportunity to […]

Recovering From Setback

Awesome Tool For Career Transition

A Midlife Career Transition Secret Weapon

About three years ago, after many years of working for other people, I made the official leap to start a business that aims to help women over 40 navigate change. It’s been the BEST decision I’ve ever made in my life. It’s more than a “job”, it’s my passion, it’s my purpose, it’s me totally […]

My Mother-In-Law Has Alzheimers 2

My husband Dale and I are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary this year and one thing I keep reflecting on, beyond our own journey, is our family and how everyone else’s lives have gone over these three decades. In this podcast, the first for the new year, Dale and I collaborate to share a part […]

My Mother In Law, Leonie

New Year

Let’s Wear Big Girl Pants in 2015

I’ll be back in mid January with all new videos, podcasts and more.Trust me, we’re gonna have fun, learn stuff, try new things and all around get down to the fun business of life. Don’t forget – I have an awesome insider’s newsletter that never stops and has stuff that I only talk about in […]

How To Grow Balls – I Mean WINGS – At Midlife!

One of the biggest barriers to making change in our life is fear. That means that we stick in dysfunctional jobs because we’re afraid we can’t afford to change or we’re afraid no one will hire us. It means that we put up with garbage relationships because we’re afraid to be alone or we’re afraid […]

Susan Paget

Ana Forrest

Fierce At Midlife: A Conversation With Ana Forrest 2

Ana Forrest is a yoga teacher for the modern world. She’s developed a form of the ancient art that weaves types we’re familiar with such as Ashtanga or Iyengar but there’s a difference. She infuses them with ancient medicine practices to address the very real and often confronting aspects of our everyday lives Click to […]

Is Now The Time To Take Care Of Unfinished Business? 4

Most of us have cottoned on to the fact that there’s pretty much no end to “to-do” lists. Yep, we can maybe power through a good chunk, but low and behold, it no sooner fills back up. And let’s face it, if we can’t get to the bottom of a list on actual old timey […]

My weekly podcast on all things midlife

How wealthy are you at midlife?

How Much Are You Worth At Midlife? 4

If you’re over 40, there’s a good chance that you’ve been brought up with a scarcity mentality. Not sure what I’m talking about? Well here are a couple examples starting with the obvious one, money. You’ve probably got a scarcity mentality if this line of thought runs on heavy rotation: “I don’t have enough money” […]

No Notes, No Plan – Just You And Me

Sometimes the best laid plans should completely go out the window. That’s the way I was feeling for this week’s podcast. I did it on the fly after I finished a little bit of shopping in my local hood. The air was clean and crisp, the sky was blue and i just imagined that you […]

My weekly podcast on all things midlife

Lessons from Ex Hairdresser

Things My Ex-Hairdresser Taught Me About Growing Gray Hair 6

You know those times when all of a sudden you run into someone who you really don’t want to see? And to be fair, chances are pretty good the feeling is mutual? Well this happened to me the other day and it actually ended up being a very good thing.   Click to watch the […]