How To Find Friends At Midlife 4

Midlife can be a bittersweet time when it comes to our BFF’s. Just like how a favorite outfit from the 1990’s that’s been tucked away in the back of your closet might not look as sweeeeeeet now, friendships also don’t necessarily stand the test of time. Why? Well, there’s a few reasons – career transitions, […]

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My midlife morning ritual

What Is Your Morning Ritual?

My alarm’s set for 5:30 am but me nooooooo likey the jarring sound of waking up that way, even to the gentle “harp” setting I use. Thankfully,  my internal clock is pretty reliable and “chimes in” a good five minutes before the real one is set to go off. Still in bed, I think about […]

Tips For Thriving During The Holidays

Now is the perfect time to put together a strategy that will help you THRIVE during the holidays. Regardless of whether you’ll be traveling, have guests coming, or honestly want to avoid the whole season all together (and for some this is a reality) – have no fear! In this podcast I share 6 cool […]

My weekly podcast on all things midlife

Stop Being Dysfunctional with Money

Creating New (and functional) Holiday Traditions: Money

When I first moved to Australia in the mid 80’s, I learned very quickly that traditions really need to change with circumstances. One perfect example of this was the period between Thanksgiving to New Years Day. I had grown up in the Northern Hemisphere with a winter backdrop against the holidays. We wore sweaters and […]

Want More Out Of Life? Do this! 2

How rich are you? How wealthy do you feel? When you wake up in the morning to you roll your eyes and say “Sh*t, another day…” or do you smile “Yay, let’s do this!”? For the past 10 days I’ve been experimenting with the concept of abundance in my life. Not only financial and material […]

My weekly podcast on all things midlife

Career Transition Tips

Two Things You Can Control During Job Transitions

One of the most common issues for a lot of us at midlife is job transition. This means different things to different people. You might be in a career for a long time and want a change (that was me!). You might be between jobs and needing to take on sideways work (been there too). […]

Healing Our Inner Haunted Houses

Happy Halloween! You ready to bust some ghosts? Regardless of how many hours we sit cross-legged in meditation or how many green juices we drink, there are always going to be gremlins, vampires and dragons that want to completely unravel the hours of self growth we clock in. As humans, living in this physical world, […]

My weekly podcast on all things midlife

Now's the time to do the thing you always wanted to do

Is It Time To Do That Thing That You Always Wanted To Do? 2

I’m about to go into lockdown mode to start writing a new book. I’ve been preparing for it for the past year and these last couple weeks I’ve been reflecting on my old thoughts when it came to the mere idea of writing a book. To me it was the equivalent of climbing Mt Everest. […]

Will You Accept The 100 Day Reality Challenge?

If you had the chance to change your life in 100 days, would you do it? In 2008, Lilou Mace´, a web TV host and author “co-created” a challenge that asked participants to spend 100 days solidly focusing on what they want out of life. I say “co-created” with air quotes because that’s classic Lilou […]

My weekly podcast on all things midlife

Gratitude Practice At Midlife

Do You Have A Daily Gratitude Practice?

You know how when things get really, really bad and all of a sudden, people – who’ve never prayed before – tend to get on their knees and pray with all their might for some divine intervention? Well, in a way, that’s how a lot of us are with the ol’ gratitude thing. It’s so […]