About To Be Laid Off – Help!

In this week’s video, I’m answering a question from one of my YouTube subscribers who says that she’s “terrified” about being laid off. She’s been given a three month heads up and while she knows she’s got a lot to be grateful for, she’s afraid of losing it all. Right after questions related to my […]

Sue Answers Your Midlife Questions

In this week’s podcast I hand the topics over to you and give my take on some of the things that are on your mind. And they’re great questions too that ultimately cover similar themes of finding balance, trusting our own intuition and backing ourselves, even when it gets a little lonely out there. Click […]

How Do I Become A Morning Person?

Are you one of those people who jumps out of bed at the crack of dawn, totally alive and ready to start the day? Well there was a time when I really wanted a piece of “that”. I was always on the opposite end of the scale, wishing with everything I had that I could […]

How Do I Start Loving Myself – NOW?

When a lot of us who are over 45 were growing up, there really wasn’t such a thing as the concept of loving ourselves. In fact, I remember so clearly when the song “The Greatest Love Of All” came out, I adored the track but could absolutely not wrap my head around the lyrics and […]

How I Deal With Heartache At Midlife

There’s a line from a Crowded House song that’s always haunted me. ¬†It’s from “Four Seasons in One Day”, a beautiful meditation on life’s hills and valleys and It goes something like “Wherever there is comfort there is pain”. These words get under my skin because they’re a very potent reminder about how fragile it […]


My Top Tips For Trying Yoga At Midlife

When I first started working on the concept of turning my passion into a business, I recorded a CD about five principles to make change at midlife (Hint, it’s a little free gift I drop to friends on my newsletter, so if you’d like it, get on my list here). Anywho, in those early days, […]

Dealing With Funk At Midlife

One of the things that actually got me to the point of completely changing my career¬†from a freelance television producer to coaching and creating content to help women make change at midlife and beyond was that I was in a terrible funk! I really was super stuck in my life and had no idea where […]

How To Handle Insomnia During Perimenopause

In this week’s podcast, I share some, if I do say so myself, super cool tips and strategies for dealing with insomnia during perimenopause. The episode was inspired by a question I received from Rosemarie who wants to know “Why it happens, when it will stop, will life ever get back to normal and how […]

What If My Gray Hair Doesn’t Look Good Enough? 2

I’ve got a pet peeve. It’s when we women blame and complain about the media for making us feel insecure because of the images of perfection that we’re supposedly comparing ourselves to. The reason these tired and overused comments annoy me is because they’re generally never followed up by the truth. And that truth is […]

Gray Hair Adventure

Recovering From Setback

How To Recover From A Setback At Midlife 2

Whether it’s stuff like a breakup, a job bust-up or a health reality check, there comes a time (most likely many times!) where it can feel like we take backward steps on our life’s path. But one of the many things that I love about midlife is that even a setback has the opportunity to […]