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The Attitude That Will Save Your Life

The Attitude That Will Save Your Life

Think back to when you were a teenager. What did you imagine for yourself when you were at midlife? Could you not even fathom it? Normal! Now, move on forward to you in your 80’s, 90’s and beyond.How do you see yourself? What will you be doing and saying?... read more
How To Deal With Difficult People

How To Deal With Difficult People

The most epic thing about doing the “work” of personal development, you know, taking care of your emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health is that as you change, the things around you change. You start noticing that there’s less of an... read more
A Lifetime Of Healthy Enjoyable Sex

A Lifetime Of Healthy Enjoyable Sex

I was thinking about sex the other day and how it stacks up to the energy we give our other biological functions. For instance our bods. We know we gotta move ’em and we know the healthy ways to fuel them. And then there’s our minds. We know the importance... read more

Happy Mother’s Day! In this week’s podcast I give some advice to two gals from our community. The thing is they asked for some help on completely different issues but they had one thing in common. Their mothers had strong opinions on the way they were... read more

The Midlife App You MUST Have

I believe we must stay up with technology. It’s not an issue for generations younger than us because they’ve grown up with it. They’re pretty much hardwired to change. But for us, well we’ve grown up with a choice to keep up, opt out or float... read more

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I'm in the US visiting family. These trips are always whistle stops without a lot of time but somehow after so many years of living on the other side of the planet I feel just as bonded to my American family as though I lived next door.

This past weekend I got to spend time with my 16 year old nephew Blake. He was practicing for his driving test so he was our official driver, giving his mom and dad a nice break. It was wonderful to be there during this slice of life, this rite of passage. Normal but special.

The night before I left he asked if I could teach him some yoga in the morning. Way to make my trip! I've been practicing since he was born and he's seen me through the years on these trips, practicing in weird places, so at 7am he bounded down the stairs and off we went.

It doesn't take a lot to stay connected to the distant people you love and you don't have to do extravagant things or make big deals out of the precious moments you have together. Just doing your normal thing whether it's practicing for a driving test or rolling out your mat is really beyond enough.
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