Listen To How To Find Your Purpose After 40   Recently updated !

When I was a 12 year old kid growing up in the ‘burbs I started to become haunted by the concept of finding my purpose. I can specifically remember being out in the front yard, looking around at all these other houses on my street and wondering “What was my […]

Take A Midlife Reality Check   Recently updated !

What if the concept of a midlife crisis was completely made up? What if all the angst and soul searching that feels pretty real was actually some sort of weird Matrix- thingy? And the most eyebrow lifting “what” of them all, What if a midlife crisis was an actual luxury? […]

Changing Your Life When It Seems Like Nothing’s Happening 2

Man, if I had a buck for every time I’ve said the word “practice” during my couple-ish years of vlogging and podcasting, I’d have a bit of coin for the piggy bank! In fact, after I did this video and went to collect some resources, I was kind of stunned […]

How Do You Do Your 5pm? 2

I’d been in full on nerd mode all day long. And when I do that, I start feeling so yuck – between the computer and realising I’d been stuck in pretty much the same seated position, with the exception of a food or toilet break, I knew that I really […]

Getting A New Style When You Grow Gray Hair 4

When it came to dealing with hairdressers since growing my hair out gray, I thought I was doing pretty good. After all, I learned early on that a stylist might not necessarily think it’s the right choice and that made me tough. Even if I just got a blow dry, I’d […]

Listen To The First Chapter of Be Your Own Change Guru 4

I’m currently in production of the audio version of my first book “Be Your Own Change Guru: The Ultimate Women’s Guide For Thriving At Midlife.” I’ve never done it before so first things first – it’s time for me to walk before I run. While some people get narrators for their […]

making change at midlife

Dale, me and Leonie - this is an old photo, well before Leonie was diagnosed.

My Mother-In-Law Has Alzheimers Part 2

A few podcast episodes ago, my husband Dale and I introduced you to his mother, Leonie. Leonie has Alzheimers and we’re doing a series of podcasts during what seems like a pivotal time, the transition between her independence and full time care. If you haven’t listened to the first podcast, […]

Lost Your Confidence? Here’s How To Find It!

I really like watching UFC. If you don’t know what it is, stick with me because it can get a bad wrap. It’s brutal and that I like it so much even surprises me, as I generally lean to hippie stuff like yoga and kirtan music. But for whatever reason, […]

Don’t Quit On You!

I can remember the day so clearly. I had just left my old career and was in the early stages of trying to work out what exactly it was that I wanted to do with my life. As a whole it was such a confusing and frustrating time, but this […]