What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

It’s da money question! What’s gonna be the one thing that signifies who we are and justifies why we’re here? Of course, now that we’ve reached midlife we know there’s really no endgame. There’s no one answer to this. Asking ourselves this question, now, is our way of throwing our hands in the air and […]

What do you want to be when you grow up?

My weekly podcast on all things midlife

A Day In My Life: Sydney, Australia 2

What’s a typical day for you? That’s the question I try to answer in this week’s podcast. I stuck my iPhone in my pocket and checked in through the day, recording what I was up to and what was on my mind. This day was relatively typical of when I’m in writing mode and what […]

Going Back To School After 40 5

One of the most common challenges that women (and men) have over 40 is getting a grip when a long time career is about to hit the wall. Because these jobs keep us so consumed, we often don’t have the time or energy of where to turn next. And who wants to face it?! There […]

Going back to school after 40

My weekly podcast on all things midlife

Beginning A Meditation Practice At Midlife 6

If learning to meditate was a school, I definitely have flunked out, many times. Not for the lack of trying because I’ve spent years flirting with all the big name techniques. it’s just that I have always felt that I kind of sucked at it. Sitting still for even a few minutes would often have […]

Body Image And How We Relate To Food

During my late teens I discovered dieting. I was naturally slim and had really never even heard of cutting calories. That was until a friend showed me the ropes and when I started getting compliments for looking “skinny” I kept on going. This set up a very destructive cycle of low level bulimia. I say […]


My weekly podcast on all things midlife

Go Ask Alice and Other Breaking Period News 2

When I was a sixth grader in San Diego, back in the early 70’s, I got busted for reading the book “Go Ask Alice.” The book apparently was a cautionary tale about the dangers of drugs told through a 17 year old named Alice.  I say “apparently” because I hadn’t even gotten past the first […]

Dread Winter? How To Embrace Changing Seasons 4

One of the things that’s really changed for me at midlife is how I engage with nature. I can’t recall any other time in my life when I’ve gotten so much comfort and wisdom from observing the natural rhythms and cycles that are all around us. How I’ve been dealing with winter these past couple […]


My weekly podcast on all things midlife

The Gift Of Resilience

  PODCAST EPISODE #7 THE GIFT OF RESILIENCE     I’m a proud supporter of Dress For Success – an international organization that helps at risk women get back into the workforce. One of the new programs that they’ve started up here in Sydney is a weekly resilience program because one of the most challenging […]

Gray Hair: Activate Your Inner Badass

In this week’s vlog I reflect on where I’m at one year after my last hair color to cover my gray. I remember it so well because as I mention in the video, I was heading to Europe to visit my son who was living there at the time. Covering up my roots so I’d […]



How To Find Your Purpose After 40: FREE This Week

HOW TO FIND YOUR PURPOSE: The Secret To Unlocking Your Unique Gift To The World   Hey! My book “How To Find Your Purpose After 40″ is a free download on Amazon this week only. Click here to grab it http://amzn.to/1oNsx9f . PS If you need a Kindle, here’s a free app for any device